More java like alternative to Elm

Questions: I have found elm, and as a constant javascript hater I like its idea, it seems to me like perfect decoupling from javascript. But I’m coming from java world so the syntax of the new language(especially the elm syntax) is quite complicated to grasp. The question is if there is some framework/language that can… Read More »

Search all words in the input field, then replace all matching words in the div tag

Questions: $(‘#srctxt div’).each(function() { var dari = $(‘#box’).val(); var text = $(this).text(); $(this).html(text.replace(dari, ‘<b>’+dari+'</b>’)); }); <script src=””></script> <form method=”POST”> <input type=”text” id=”box” value=”love”> // working <input type=”text” id=”box” value=”love girl”> // not working <div id=”srctxt”> <div>i love you</div> <div>love girl</div> <div>not love</div> <div>love love love</div> </div> </form> Answers:

TypeError: is not a function

Questions: I’m working on a project “Android Firebase Push Notifications – Device to Device” I’m having a problem with FireBase function when sending a message from my device to another device but I get this error error 3 TypeError: is not a function at admin.firestore.collection.doc.collection.doc.get.then.queryResult (/user_code/index.js:25:58) at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:135:7) and The notification does not… Read More »

ReCaptcha v2 won't load in vue-router navigation

Questions: I am using Google ReCaptcha v2 which I am integrating it for the registration process. So, when the user goes /register, it loads the RegisterComponent. However, the reCaptcha won’t load when say I’m in Homepage and navigate to the /register via a button. Why is it happening? I am loading the script in layouts.master.php:… Read More »

variable not assigning inside promise

Questions: Maybe I’m sleepy, but under what circumstances would the following occur? let foo; page .evaluate(() => { // return works… but not closure assignment // doesn’t work foo = ‘foo’; // works return ‘bar’; }) .then(bar => { console.log(‘foobar’, foo, bar); // > foobar undefined bar }); This is occurring in a mocha test… Read More »

resize browser with puppeteer

Questions: Is it possible to resize the browser window with puppeteer? I know there is page.setViewport, but is there anything like browser.setViewport? Maybe it sounds like there isn’t much difference if you’re running the headless version, but it can be useful if you’re actually displaying the window, I’d like to do something like this: const… Read More »

sorting with first comes up in array

Questions: I want to get an answer [‘H’,’H’,’A’,A] from the input [‘H’,’A’,’H’,’A’] basically sorting based from the char that comes up first. could someone help me Thanks Answers:

Wrong value in Javascript function param

Questions: I’m iterating over a list of object in c:foreach loop and creating a call to a javascript function that complete the length of my var an call server: <c:forEach items=”${clientList}” var=”cli” varStatus=”index”> … <a href=”javascript:goToClientDetail(${cli.client.PK})”> <img src=”<%=imagesPath%>search.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ border=”0″ align=”absmiddle”/> </a> If I show ${cli.client.PK} in my .jsp I can see the correct… Read More »

Executing bat file via Chrome

Questions: How to run a local bat file on a js button click using Chrome browser ? ‘‘file:///C:/Test/Test.bat’ – Opens the bat file contents in a new tab instead of executing the file. It works fine in IE browser. Please suggest how to achieve this in chrome without using any plugins. Answers:

Combine parameter value to a variable name in Jquery

Questions: I’m trying to pass ‘en’ as a parameter to test function. but I don’t know how to pass the parameter value to a variable to reuse it for other lang. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance function test() { var en_ed = CKEDITOR.instances[“story_html”].getData(); var en_ed_text = en_ed; en_ed_text = en_ed_text.replace(/\s/g, “”);… Read More »