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UITableView With Multiple Sections

Questions: I want to make tableView with multiple section but i do not want to use dictionary i have two arrays i want that first array should be loaded in first section and second in second sections. I have arrayOne with 3 items and arrayTwo with 4 items so how to add them and show… Read More »

how to process long-running requests in python workers?

Questions: I have a python (well, it’s php now but we’re rewriting) function that takes some parameters (A and B) and compute some results (finds best path from A to B in a graph, graph is read-only), in typical scenario one call takes 0.1s to 0.9s to complete. This function is accessed by users as… Read More »

regular expresssion to match something and not match something

Questions: I want an nginx location directive that would match all urls with “xyz” and not match “.php” I tried this location ~* /(.*)xyz/(.*)(?!\.php)(.*)$ {} but for example it always seem to match both /xyz/1 and /xyz/1.php but it should have matched only /xyz/1 Answers: You should be more specific about the begin and end… Read More »

Comparing Two Arrays

Questions: I have two NSArrays, what I’m looking to do is to compare two arrays which contain strings, find the similarities and create the first array again but so they have no similarities. Just for an example something like. Two Arrays: NSArray *arrayOne = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”TD1″, @”TD2″, @”TD3″, nil]; NSArray *arrayTwo = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”Blah”, @”String”,… Read More »

How to generate CSR for SSL that works with Nginx & Apache?

Questions: I want to generate the CSR file for requesting SSL (wildcard) certificate. This certificate and private key will be used on multiple machines with both Apache and Nginx. RapitSSL states the following commands for the different setups: Nginx $ openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout server.key -out server.csr Apache Mod SSL $ openssl… Read More »

Redmine Perfomance Inconsistency

Questions: I have a redmine instance deployed on a Linux x86_64 system and I am struggle with a funny performance inconsistencey issue. It behave like this: Leave it alone for a couple of hours (no request to the application at all) then establish a connection, it takes a very long time to response to the… Read More »

How to localize bundle display name in iPhone app?

Questions: How can I localize bundle display name of an iPhone app? The name displayed in iPhone main screen under app icon. I wish a single binary bundle package which will be displayed multilingually. Answers: Here’s some instructions: Create a new empty file called InfoPlist.strings Open up the Navigator (cmd-opt-0) and select the first pane… Read More »