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how to use otool

Questions: apple suggested me to use “strings” or “otool” to dect the private api (isinf) in my code , I am totally newbie so any help how to use those tools Answers: Open Terminal ( Ctrl + Space -> Type ‘Terminal’).. and print example: otool -MVv yourlib.a for help: otool –help Questions: Answers: I use… Read More »

Hide grey volume overlay when using MPVolumeView?

Questions: I’ve put a MPVolumeView over a movie I’m playing. The trouble is, whenever I adjust the vol using the MPVolumeView, then the standard grey volume overlay appears (the one that appears when you use the rocker switch on the iPhone). Is there a way to disable the standard grey overlay? Answers: I might be… Read More »

How to rotate an UIImageView with CATransform3DRotate make an effect like Door Opening?

Questions: I’ve read and try this article (Opening door effect using Core Animation) And I implement following code in my app: CALayer *layer = threeHomeView.layer; CATransform3D initialTransform = threeHomeView.layer.transform; initialTransform.m34 = 1.0 / -900; [UIView beginAnimations:@”Scale” context:nil]; [UIView setAnimationDuration:3]; layer.transform = initialTransform; CATransform3D rotationAndPerspectiveTransform = threeHomeView.layer.transform; rotationAndPerspectiveTransform = CATransform3DRotate(rotationAndPerspectiveTransform , 40.0f * M_PI / 180.0f… Read More »

Can a website (HTML5,JavaScript) access a mobile device's (android/iPhone) contact list, SDCard files

Questions: Can a website (HTML5,JavaScript) access a mobile device’s (android/iPhone) contact list, SDCard files? A website as in one opened in a browser not a phonegap application/webapp. Answers: You can’t access the mobile device file system through a website, it would be a major security problem. You might be able to steal all user files… Read More »

Drag and Drop in MobileSafari?

Questions: Is it possible to allow users to drag and drop items in mobile safari? Google images on the iPhone does something similar, but I’m not sure if it is true drag and drop or some other work around. Anyone have any insights? Answers: Yes, it’s possible. You have to disable the default of safari… Read More »

iPhone Simulator: build errors when using synthesized instance variables

Questions: There are two runtimes for Cocoa/Objective-C: the legacy runtime and the “modern” runtime (that’s what Apple calls it). According to Apple’s documentation, “iPhone applications and 64-bit programs on Mac OS X v10.5 and later use the modern version of the runtime“. So far so good. Now, the “modern” runtime supports a feature called “synthesized… Read More »

iOS Simulator Sound

Questions: Is there a way to tell the iOS simulator which audio device connected to your computer you want it to use? The simulator seems to pick whatever audio device is last connected to your machine. I’ve got a USB audio device (fasttrack pro) I use for my main sound playback and then a USB… Read More »

iPhone toggle button implementation

Questions: I would like to create a toggle button in my iPhone application. However, I don’t know exactly what would be the best approach for this. I am considering two options. I could subclass an UIButton. That way I do not have to implement touch handling. I could just create a method that returns a… Read More »