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Blackberry reading mod_deflate compressed page

Questions: I am using Apache mod_deflate to return compressed html from a webpage. It has reduced the generated page size from 3k down to 700 bytes. How do I use HttpConnection in Blackberry to get the compressed page (i.e. only 700bytes instead of 3k)? P.S. Trying to use the GZIPInputStream(inputStream) keeps returning an incorrect header… Read More »

how to monitor apache load balancer nodes

Questions: I have apache load balancer doing load balancing via tomcat servers ajp as follows: Worker URL Route RouteRedir Factor Set Status Elected To From ajp://localhost:8009/myapp s1 2 0 Ok 2292 0 22M ajp://xx.xx.xx.64:8009/myapp s2 2 0 Ok 2291 0 23M ajp://xx.xx.xx.228:8009/myapp s3 2 0 Ok 2292 0 23M ajp:// s4 1 0 Ok 2121… Read More »

Ant build not able to recognize spanish characters

Questions: I am having a Selenium project that uses Apache ANT to execute the tests. In a certain scenario i need to validate a few Spanish texts like “eBay España” i.e. text with accented characters. When i execute the test normally from my IntelliJ IDEA IDE it runs properly and validates the Spanish characters appropriately.… Read More »

Tomcat email notification upon deployement

Questions: Wondering is there is a way to generate notification when an application is deployed on Tomcat 6. Right now we use Tomcat Manager web interface to deploy our applications. We have two tomcat instances working in a load balanced mode with Apache in front of them. Would highly appreciate if anyone can throw more… Read More »

SVN. ACL different repositories with same name

Questions: I have a SVN server running on a Ubuntu Server with Apache dav-svn module to access it over http. I have projects of several clients, so i have created a tree structure on /var/svn /var/svn/client_1 /var/svn/client_1/project_1 /var/svn/client_1/project_2 … /var/svn/client_2 /var/svn/client_2/project_1 /var/svn/client_2/project_2 Each project is a new repository, when I need to create a new… Read More »

SVN sessions issue

Questions: I’m new to setting up and using svn server, and I met with a weird problem during using the server. I used this guide to set up: The problem is: I created a user like in the guide, and also a second one. I trying to access the repo with the later created… Read More »

Get response headers in PHP from vhost configuration

Questions: I have a vhost configuration that has a directive to add a response header to every request, like this: Header append X-MyHeader “Info Stuff in here” If I run phpinfo() on this server, I see this header contained in the apache2handler section under the headline HTTP Headers Information as HTTP Response Headers. PHP seems… Read More »