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How to rename Kafka topic

Questions: I have created a topic and I’m not using it, but now I want to use it for another application. so instead of creating new one I want to rename and use it. is it possible? Answers:

Query Builder Raw Lateral Join with jsonb_to_recordset

Questions: Hopefully a very simple question. I’m trying to create a query within Laravel based off of my postgresql query, and I’m having a hard time converting this one specific join because it is a lateral join utilizing jsonb_to_recordset. join lateral jsonb_to_recordset(gift_splits) as r(“house_id” int, “amount” json) on true This is what I have tried… Read More »

TableCellRenderer keeps on Painting in JTable || Java Swing

Questions: I am working on a little JTable. It currently looks like this JTable. As you can see it keeps on painting with with the last color and I cant fix it for some reason. String[] columnNames = { “Spieler”, “Verfügbare Truppen”, “besetzte Länder” }; Object[][] data = { { Player1.getName(), Player1.troopscore, Player1.countryscore }, {… Read More »

Click to display record for specific user in popup

Questions: I am using CodeIgniter, I am displaying all the list in the table like below example. Id |Name | Email | Mobileno | Action 1 |ABC ||1654789523| View Archive 2 |xyz ||3214569874| View Archive Now When I am clicking on the view button of id 1 then the popup will display with… Read More »

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How to split multidimensional array string

Questions: How to split retrieve data from a string of an array. The object has an array of variables which can be multi-dimensional. Demo Input String CONTAINER [1, “one”, false, [CONTAINER [2, “two”, false]], 42, true] Expected Results CONTAINER 1 “one” false [CONTAINER [2, “two”, false]] 42 true (I would then take group 5 and… Read More »

Getting two double substrings from a string starting after a particular substring [on hold]

Questions: For an Android application, an API I’m using returns the following format response : “2016-05-08T14:07:58.738Z” | Lat: 50.012122| Long: 50.012122| Precision: 22.44868″ I’m tring to extract the double after “Lat: ” and the one after “Long: ” in two Double using different versions of .substring. The code becomes quickly long because I make multiple… Read More »

How to store Oracle Rowid in Java bean

Questions: I am calling a stored procedure that is returning the rowid for a list of rows. I am having trouble with storing the actual rowid value in Java so I can then later use that rowid for a follow up update statement. For example : Select name, age, ROWID, from myTable where rownum<20; I… Read More »

Storage of client project pictures on the server. Best directory layout?

Questions: I have an ajax/php file uploader that works fine. The file uploader is a php page posted to, with the following parameters in the url besides the files it is going to process. /beta6/upload/?client_id=111&project_id=222 My question is, is the follwing the most appropriate folder storage structure for this application? A. My initial though.. /beta6/upload/111/222/file1.jpg… Read More »

fontFamily 'Arial' is not a system font using react-native-textinput-effects

Questions: I have a error when I using react-native-textinput-effects . This is my error message: fontFamily ‘Arial’ is not a system font and has not been loaded through Expo.Font.loadAsync. – node_modules\react-native\Libraries\Renderer\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:3382:38 in diffProperties – If you intended to use a system font, make sure you typed the name correctly and that it is supported by… Read More »