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Detecting hanging processes in Perl/MySQL (FreeBSD)

Questions: I have a Perl script running on a FreeBSD/Apache system, which makes some simple queries to a MySQL database via DBI. The server is fairly active (150k pages a day) and every once in a while (as much as once a minute) something is causing a process to hang. I’ve suspected a file lock… Read More »

Getting and using an application's passed InputStream

Questions: Recently I was trying to implement the functionality of a normal terminal to a graphically designed Swing-based console project. I love how some people in here made this possible, but yet I stumbled upon another big kind of problem. Some people actually spoke about InpuStreamListener although I am not too fond of this. A… Read More »

2 identical installations of apache/php return different results from the same SQL Server database

Questions: I wrote the code on my development machine WinXPsp3, which has apache standalone 2.2.21. The query worked fine. I then copied the php over my production machine WinXPsp3, which had apache 2.2 windows installation with php 5.3.5 windows installation, and is the SQL Server machine, but the query crashed. I uninstalled apache and php… Read More »

Enable rewrite mode in xampp in localhost

Questions: I’m using Windows 7 64-bit (maybe this is not important) and I have xampp installed. In my htdocs/ directory I have more then one project. Now, for one of them (let say htdocs/test/) i have created vhost called “example”. And that works fine… Inside dir /test/ i have .htaccess file with this code: RewriteEngine… Read More »

How to submit multiple objects in JSON data as request body in Apache CXF jax-rs (REST)

Questions: I am using Apache-CXF for creating REST web services and trying to do an on a name in the db. Server: This is my method, which is expected to get json data. @PUT @Path(“/name/”) @Consumes(“multipart/mixed”) @Produces(“application/json”) public NameTO updateName(@Multipart (value = “accountIdentifier”, type = “application/json”)AccountIdentifier accountIdentifier, @Multipart (value = “name”, type = “application/json”)NameTO nameTO)… Read More »

video streaming flow control on Apache

Questions: I have set up a Apache server with mod_h264_streaming-2.2.7 module installed. The client can view a .mp4 video via html5 or flash player embedded in a webpage. I intend to regulate the flow rate for each connection at the server sides. Every user will be allocated a different flow rate, which is controlled by… Read More »

un-https specific urls with mod-rewrite

Questions: I have an apache vhost listening on port :443 I am trying to redirect any https requests back to http unless they meet the condition of being from the domain and contain either /alpha or /beta in the uri part of the request I have the following statements in the config along with… Read More »