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Eclipse debugger stops by itself without any throwable

Questions: Eclipse Debugger suddenly stops not throwing anything: private void openChannelsListActivity() { try{ Intent gridListIntent=new Intent(); // the pause is on the following line gridListIntent.setClass(this,ChannelsListActivity.class); startActivity(gridListIntent); } catch (Throwable e){ ErrorMessage.outputMessageByName( “channels_list_activity_create”,this, ” While setting intent.”); finish(); } } The stack is: DexFile.defineClass(String, ClassLoader, int, ProtectionDomain) line: not available [native method] DexFile.loadClassBinaryName(String, ClassLoader) line: 207… Read More »

Integrating Eclipse and GitHub

Questions: I am in need of help in trying to setup Eclipse so that I can push my code onto my GitHub account. I’ve searched online and the tutorials I have found are either outdated or don’t work for me. I already have a project on Eclipse. How would I put that code onto GitHub?… Read More »

Finding missing Maven artifacts

Questions: I’m new to Maven, and struggling with adding dependencies. I’m trying to convert an existing project to Maven, and after adding the dependencies for all the jars in my referenced libraries, I’m receiving an error message about missing artifacts: Missing artifact stax:stax:jar:1.0 Missing artifact clover:clover:jar:1.3-rc4 Missing artifact log4j:log4j:bundle:1.2.16 Missing artifact stax:stax-ri:jar:1.0 From reading this… Read More »

Code navigation in Eclipse

Questions: I find it difficult to navigate through code for a big project involving many classes, XML files, SQL files etc. I know Shift–Ctrl–R to open resources, but thats where my little knowledge ends. How can I easily navigate through a hell of Java and non-Java files in Eclipse with just keyboard. Most of you… Read More »

Debugging Android NDK C/C++ code in Eclipse – breakpoints are not hit

Questions: I downloaded Android SDK Bundle for Linux and Android NDK. ADT was installed, I installed CDT. I created a Android project and added native support (jni). Then I wrote native function in java-code which exporting in c++ code. In c++ code I defined this function. Java-code: static { System.loadLibrary(“test”); } private native String get_text_from_cpp();… Read More »

No repository found during checking Eclipse updates

Questions: Eclipse 3.7.2 Run help -> Check for Updates, Eclipse pops up Problem occurred window below, Contacting sofware sites has encountered a problem. No repository found at file:///tmp/formic_xxxxxx/update. Processing stops after confirmation. How to solve it? Answers: At that location specified by the URL, it expects to see a content.xml and artifact.xml file along with… Read More »

Can't add new file to repository in EGit

Questions: I’m using EGit with Eclipse Juno. I worked with a local repository and the world was good. Even adding a GitHub repository seemed to be fine. I added it to my local repository under “Remotes”, so I can easily push commits to github. But after a while, I noticed that no new files are… Read More »

Genymotion Plugin can't show in Eclipse

Questions: Genymotion plugin download and install in my laptop and the emulater of Genymotion is properly working in Genymotion application but when i install genymotion in Eclipse IDE from Eclipse>Help>Add New Software i am add this plugin but it can’t shows the Genymotion Tools for Eclipse in Eclipse..please anyone help me..Thanks in advance I can’t… Read More »