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disable eclipse auto completion

Questions: I love Eclipse but I HATE auto-completion with a vengeance! I swear though, no matter how hard I look in prefs or Google I can’t find where I turn this off! I’m having the problem with both CFEclipse and the PHP editor. How do I completely disable all “smart” quotes/tags/braces auto-inserting. Not some of… Read More »

Using Android build.xml in eclipse?

Questions: I have an android project which has an Ant buildfile. It works great via the command-line: rascher@coltrane:~/git/$ ant Buildfile: build.xml [setup] Android SDK Tools Revision 8 [setup] Project Target: Android 2.1-update1 [setup] API level: 7 [setup] … etc etc etc … But when I try to use this in eclipse, build.xml has a red-X.… Read More »

How to use Smack 4.1 in Android?

Questions: I was looking at this answer Using your own XMPP server for android chat app (Smack API) to learn about the available XMPP APIs. Smack seems like a good choice. Prior to Smack 4.1 one had to rely on aSmack. Starting with 4.1, Smack will run natively on Android. I have a couple of… Read More »

Eclipse keeps starting new emulators

Questions: I’m busy learning how to build apps for Android, and I come across a very awkward problem. When I run my application (with the green circle with the play-icon in it), it starts an Android emulator (like it should), but the application doesn’t start once the emulator is booted. When I click the run-button… Read More »