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How to install the latest version of Eclipse Classic on Ubuntu 12.04 using the terminal?

Questions: Please how to install the latest Eclipse Classic (4.2) on Ubuntu 12.04 using the terminal? if you can direct me step-by-step, I would be grateful. Answers: See this blog post here, for step-by-step instructions. The process is documented step-by-step and in the comments the author has included a script – #!/bin/sh ECLIPSE=/usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse inject_update_site(){ if… Read More »

Installation of eclipse php in ubuntu

Questions: How to install eclipse php in ubuntu platform using apt get install. Any other utilities are required to do that Answers: Don’t! Don’t use apt-get for Eclipse. Instead, follow these steps to install it “manually”. Questions: Answers: The simplest solution, which will allow you to have the latest version, would be to : go… Read More »

How to include dependencies in WAR file?

Questions: I have a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse which has a dependency to another Java project in my workspace. When running the web project in the build-in Tomcat server, I’ve added the project dependency to the class path in the run configuration. I would like to create a WAR for deploying the web project… Read More »

Error in adding an edit text in eclipse

Questions: I’m building an Android app for a tablet. I’m trying to add an EditText in my graphical view in Eclipse but whenever I choose EditText from the widget and drop to the graphical view, the screen turn gray and i get this error ” Exception raised during rendering: java.lang.System.arraycopy([CI[CII)V Exception details are logged in… Read More »

Syntax Highlighting: How Does Eclipse Do It So Fast?

Questions: I’ve developed a syntax highlighter in Java for Android and it’s working well, but the problem is it can be slow with big files. So I’m wondering how source code editors like Eclipse and Gedit (Ubuntu) highlight what you’ve just wrote so quickly. For example, if you enter the ending greater than symbol when… Read More »

eclipse shortcut for enabling / disabling JAVA breakpoints

Questions: I’m looking for a shortcut to completely enable / disable all JAVA breakpoints (analogue of pushing the “Skip all breakpoints” button in Debug view ), not to enable / disable them on a row-by-row basis. Answers: You have to assign your own keyboard shortcut to the Skip All Breakpoints command. Use Preferences>General>Keys preference page… Read More »