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Canvas arc clearing

Questions: How do I overwrite an HTML5 canvas arc? I presumed this code would work but it leaves a border around it despite the fact that its exactly the same values and just a different colour.. Is there a border property I’m missing?? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Test</title> </head> <body> <canvas id=”surface” width=”300″ height=”300″></canvas> <script… Read More »

How can I do video capture in the browser?

Questions: Ideally what I was initially looking for is an implementation of the HTML5 Media Capture API with a polyfill rolling back to Flash, however, my research has concluded that the API is in its infancy and is yet to be taken up by any of the major vendors, and in addition to that, Flash… Read More »

how to get a non-rectangular shape using getImageData()?

Questions: The html5 canvas tag has the javascript getImageData() function associated to it, and its return value is a rectangle containing the enclosed pixels. But instead of a rectangle, I need to get back from my original canvas a triangle shaped image, enclosed by the points I’ve choosen. Does anybody know of a what to… Read More »

CSS is slowing down the page rendering

Questions: We have a page where use can browse 2000 profiles max, we add 20 profiles as user scroll to bottom of page. After 500 elements the adding of profiles get slower and after 1000 its very difficult to scroll down. We first thought that it was result of too many DOM objects but after… Read More »

responsive sprite background image, how to

Questions: Hi I have two columns of content within a container, the first column has text and the second is a span with a background sprite image. The problem is when I get to smaller screen resolutions, I want the background sprite image to have a width in percentage to be able to scale it… Read More »

Cross browser HTML5 storage library [closed]

Questions: I have one requirement where should be stored locally when internet is not available. It should handle it in cross browser compatible way. Now as I know there are variety of options to store the data locally (indexedDB, WebSQL, localStorage). All I really want is a unified API. I don’t want to detect and… Read More »

Explicitly initializing Jquery Mobile?

Questions: I am using jquery mobile. I just wanted to stop jquery mobile to do anything unless I explicitly call trigger(‘create’) method. Is there a way to stop jquery mobile auto initialization for some time. Answers: You can do it by adding this attribute: data-enhance=”false” to a wanted container. And you also need to turn… Read More »