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Clayfy Jquery Plugin and click area don´t works

Questions: I´m using Clayfy Jquery Plugin, as alternative to jquery UI, and works very good, the problem it´s when you have clickable area inside the resize or drag area, this clickable areas don´t works when you click over, i read many about this and search solutions but i can´t find solution for this problem example… Read More »

Chrome extension to change WebGL

Questions: I am working on an extension for Chrome that would alter my “Hash of WebGL fingerprint” as per I started off using the code provided in the following link, basically copying it in my concept.js file, which looks as follows: const getParameter = WebGLRenderingContext.getParameter; WebGLRenderingContext.prototype.getParameter = function(parameter) { // UNMASKED_VENDOR_WEBGL if (parameter… Read More »

how to make my video play when hover on it with pure javascript

Questions: i try to do this with many different way but i didn’t get the result i want so can anyone help <div style=”width:500px;height:500px;”> <video controls autoplay width=”400″ height=”400″> <source src=”video/2.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″> </video> </div> and here is the only answer i found when i search but i dont understand it well and there is jquery… Read More »

CSS gallery – how to change 1 photo

Questions: I made a gallery in html / css, after click the arrows scrolls 4 photos at a time, and I would like it to scroll one. I’m combining and I’m fine 🙂 I would like each element to be separate, each photo. Just make the code cleaner 🙂 I will be very grateful if… Read More »

Google Address Autocomplete after 2 characters

Questions: I’m trying to set a Google Address Autocomplete input to start giving options after the 2nd character. Currently Google’s default is for it to start after the 1st character. I’ve added an oninput listener to the address input which calls a function that checks for the input length and call the autocomplete initiation after… Read More »

Returning object not returning or Celebron display func not displaying

Questions: I’m currently writing a plugin for Cerebro ( This plugin is supposed to implement DuckDuckGo’s bangs feature into the Cerebro search bar. There’s a function named the display() function which takes these parameters in object form, found here; I’ve written a function which detects a bang query in the Cerebro search bar then… Read More »