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Redirect url to html file with appended parameter

Questions: I asked this question on, but I did not get full answer. I need to redirect requested url to a html file on the file system. I already know the answer to this: location /this/is/some/url { index file.html; alias /path/to/the/; } The location of file.html on the file system is /path/to/the/file.html. However, I… Read More »

Docker-compose and nginx proxy

Questions: I am trying to use jwilder/nginx-proxy as a reverse proxy for my angular2 app that is broken down into 3 containers (angular, express and database). I have tried different configurations to proxy requests to my app on port 80, however when I try to run docker-compose I get : ERROR: for angular Cannot start… Read More »

Valet Stopped Working after macOS High Sierra Upgrade from macOS Sierra

Questions: Upgrading the macOS from Sierra to High Sierra breaks working Valet installation. Ping works just fine, it is just *.dev on browser gives error that unable to connect, site cannot be connected. I have tried usual troubleshooting steps like Uninstalling Valet and installing again but same issue. I read somewhere it was related DNSMasq… Read More »

codeception in docker-compose – can't connect to Webdriver

Questions: I have somewhere an error in setting the Webdriver for my codeception and just can’t figure it out. when starting with docker-compose run –rm codeception run it finds the acceptance tests, and even reads the $I->wantTo but then throws an error: [ConnectionException] Can’t connect to Webdriver at Please make sure that Selenium Server… Read More »

Apache rewrite rule to Nginx

Questions: I’m looking to rewrite htaccess rules into nginx rules Here is my htaccess that need to be converted: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^/?c/([^/]+)/?$ search_result.php?category_id=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^d/([^/.]+)/?$ detail.php [NC,L] I tried this site, then insert into my vhost domain.conf: location / { rewrite ^/?c/([^/]+)/?$ /search_result.php?category_id=$1 break; } location /d { rewrite ^/d/([^/.]+)/?$ /detail.php break; }… Read More »

Laragon Sites-Enables stopped working

Questions: I have been learning the Laravel framework and I used Laragon to get started. Laragon sets up my web server and my Hosts file so that I can access my work through the browser. Normally, I would boot up the server using the fancy “Start” button in Laragon and then go to the browser… Read More »