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Php exec() and pandoc in server production

Questions: When I try <?php exec(‘/usr/bin/pandoc file -o file.pdf’); ?> no file is created. All formats works except the pdf format. I think the problem is about the configuration server (debian 7 + nginx) and the function exec(). Whereas this command /usr/bin/pandoc file -o file.pdf works in a terminal. Thanks for your help Same problem… Read More »

Slow uploads Nginx and Gluster

Questions: We are having trouble with uploads to my site with django, gunicorn, running behind nginx. we also have a gluster mount on the app server where the files are uploaded and distributed-replicated across several servers. (All tiers are on AWS) When we go to upload a file(~15mb), we get a 502 Bad Gateway. we… Read More »

10 internal redirects – can this limit be raised?

Questions: I have a client running into some 500 errors when using a CDN. These errors indicate that there are too many internal redirects, and our research confirms that. The client does not want to adjust their internal redirects, and wants to address this problem in another way. Based on my research so far, this… Read More »

Node EADDRINUSE on AWS regardless of port

Questions: I’m getting so frustrated… I can’t find any information online to help me. My setup is: AWS EC2 instance Nginx pointing to Node JS v0.10.32 mongoDB process running as daemon I’ve tried using my public DNS/public IP and restarting nginx, I’ve tried port 80, 8000, 1337, etc… I’ve tried deleting Nginx. ps aux… Read More »

Website is accessed through IP address but not domain name?

Questions: I use NGINX and MariaDB on my web server. I upgraded OS from Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy. After this operation I have removed Apache server and Mysql completely. Then, I have installed Nginx and MariaDB. Now, I access my website through IP address, but I can not access it from domain name. I… Read More »

MPEG-DASH picky in fragmented mp4 sampleOffsets and sampleSizes?

Questions: Hey StackOverflow fellows. Currently I encountered a problem with MPEG-DASH players not wanting to play DASH content. Basically, I have an MP4 source in which I’m feeding it in 2 channels, 1 is through RTMP and the other is in RTSP. I then connect to both channels and create an MPEG-DASH content out of… Read More »