git revert commit/push but keep changes

By | January 4, 2018

It goes like this:

  • I have files A and B that I modified

  • I’m only suppose to commit and push A, but accidentally committed both and pushed both A and B

  • I did a “git push old-id:master” so on github it shows “Master is now old-id” where old-id is the last commit before me, so i think it’s back to before i committed.


  • On my local, how do i undo the commit that has A and B, and commit only A, and push only A?

Note: I do need to keep the changes for both A and B on my local though. The end result should be:

  • Local – new A and new B
  • Github – new A and old B
$ git reset <old-id>    # Undo the commit after old-id
$ git add A             # stage A for a new commit
$ git commit            # make the new commit
$ git push              # push it

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