Nginx rewrite url arguments to sub domain

By | December 7, 2017

Have a number of different url parameter that I wish to redirect to a sub domain. ->


mydomain-com/taxonomy/term/id ->

So the logic is pretty much a rewrite but want to grab and use some of the url. Can this be done?


yes, you can use backreferences in your rewrites, e.g.:

location /blog/ {
   rewrite ^/blog/(.*)$$1 permanent;

and the same things worksfor your other rewrite


if you want to keep the blog part, you’re not changing the $uri anymore, only the $host, it then becomes easier:

location /blog/ {
  rewrite ^$uri permanent;

NOTE: nginx standard variables are listed at

for multiple parameters you use further backreferences $2 $3 and so on (just make sure you have groupings, i.e. parentheses, around the parts you want to use in your regex) e.g:

location /blog/ {
  rewrite ^/blog/([0-9]{4})/(.*)$$1/$2 permanent;

which would match a 4-digit year in your blog url, see for example for more info on regular expressions and backreferences

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