setting oninput event with Javascript

By | January 12, 2018

The HTML5 “oninput” event is supported by some modern browsers, including Firefox 3.X

However, strangely, it only seems to work with inline javascript:

<input id = "q" oninput="alert('blah')">

When I try to set it using javascript code, it doesn’t fire.

var q = document.getElementById("q");
q.oninput = function(){alert("blah");};

Is this just a bug in Firefox, or is there some reason this happens?


After downloading FireFox v3.6.27 and doing some test and search. I found my previous answer was wrong.

What I got is:

the oninput event property is supported in Firefox from version 4.

So to add a event listener in this case, you can do either

<input id = "q" oninput="alert('blah')">


q.addEventListener('input', function(){alert("blah");}, true);

But I prefer the later way. You can find reasons in addEventListener.
Also a similar function in IE attachEvent.

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