SVN sessions issue

By | January 12, 2018

I’m new to setting up and using svn server, and I met with a weird problem during using the server.

I used this guide to set up:

The problem is:

I created a user like in the guide, and also a second one.

I trying to access the repo with the later created user it works, but for the first one, I couldn’t login. (But when I renew the password for the first one I can login with him, but after then the login for the second not works…) :S

Could somebody check the guide, and give me some advice for changing the settings the svn server?)

My configuration is: Apache 2.4.2 + Subversion 1.7.6.

Thanks in advance!


Common mistake. The htpasswd with the ‘-c’ option creates the password file, while adding the user account. If you use the ‘-c’ for additional accounts, it creates a new file — wiping out the original file with the first user. Once the password file has been created, do not use the ‘-c’ option for additional accounts. Those account will then be added to the end of the password file.

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