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hide jquery elements in an ajax function

Questions: I am trying to submit a form using jquery and the $.ajax () method. When submitting the information to the server I want only the result to remain and the rest of the page to be hidden. Am I able to add a conditional in the ajax method that states ” if(success) then display… Read More »

strange thing, ajax response includes whitespace

Questions: I ave several JS functions that call different php files with $.ajax jquery method… yesterday everything was fine, but after cleaning up my code, i don’t know what i did, but now the ajax response is like “[space]data” instead of “data”.. i could use a trim function in Js but i want to fix… Read More »

PHP- Ajax and Redirect

Questions: i have a jquery Ajax request happening on a page. On php side i am checking if the session is active and doing something. If the session is not active i want to redirect the user to another page in php(header redirect). how do i do it. I know how to achieve it in… Read More »

Hook AJAX in WordPress

Questions: I have been delving into the world of Javascript and AJAX. I am super close, but for some reason I do not think I am hooking into wordpress ajax functions right. I have poured through the docs and this and think it is 99% there. Is what this app does is there is a… Read More »

How to use jQuery AJAX for an outside domain?

Questions: I am trying to perform a simple jQuery AJAX attempt using either a .get() or a .post(). If I have a local copy on my server and do: $.get(‘/hash.php’,…,…) I monitor in my console in firebug that the get is done and I get a response. All I change is the URI to an… Read More »

PHP header() doesnt redirects after ajax is called

Questions: I am using ajax to insert data. after registration if successful it will redirect to its registry page or registry.php. But it seems that it is not redirecting to its respective page and the weird thing is when i check it on the console on firefox it seems that it gives a right result,… Read More »