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Is there any code to read MS Office PPT on Android?

Questions: I’m looking for code to read MS Office PPT on Android, is there anyone interested in sharing the code? Answers: You might want to take a look at Apache POI – the Java API for Microsoft Documents The Apache POI Project’s mission is to create and maintain Java APIs for manipulating various file formats… Read More »

Using Android build.xml in eclipse?

Questions: I have an android project which has an Ant buildfile. It works great via the command-line: rascher@coltrane:~/git/$ ant Buildfile: build.xml [setup] Android SDK Tools Revision 8 [setup] Project Target: Android 2.1-update1 [setup] API level: 7 [setup] … etc etc etc … But when I try to use this in eclipse, build.xml has a red-X.… Read More »

How to use Smack 4.1 in Android?

Questions: I was looking at this answer Using your own XMPP server for android chat app (Smack API) to learn about the available XMPP APIs. Smack seems like a good choice. Prior to Smack 4.1 one had to rely on aSmack. Starting with 4.1, Smack will run natively on Android. I have a couple of… Read More »

How to close a project in Android Studio?

Questions: How I closed a project in Android Studio like a close a project in workspace Eclipse? Answers: I think it’s a legible question, because in Eclipse is a very helpful functionality. In Android Studio: File -> Close Project

Change Android LogCat font in Eclipse

Questions: I can’t seem to find the preference for changing the Android’s LogCat debug output font in Eclipse. Can it be changed at all? How? I don’t mind editing some preference file somewhere by hand, as long as it works. Answers: Found it. It’s not grouped together with the other Eclipse font settings. It’s in… Read More »

Android: add badge to icons internal to my app

Questions: I am trying to add badges to the icons in my android app. e.g. in the facebook app(for iPhone), in the home page the number of pending requests is shown on the requests icon. Can someone provide any links/ideas on how to do this? Thanks Answers: If you really want to do it. Use… Read More »