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WAMP Server Apache won't start

Questions: There are several topics that are very similar to this one, however, after looking over them the ones that were solved I did not have the same issue, and the rest weren’t solved. I have installed a new version of WAMP. No changes made to any files. Opening wamp the icon never goes from… Read More »

Redirect Without changing URL Apache

Questions: I want to redirect one URL to another without changing the Browser URL www.example.com/abc/(.*).xml should redirect to www.example.com/abc/xyz/index.htm?file=$1 But the Browser should display www.example.com/abc/(.*).xml Answers: You can use a RewriteRule: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule /abc/(.*)\.xml$ /abc/xyz/index.htm?file=$1 [L] Make sure you have mod_rewrite enabled and put this either in your VirtualHost config, or in a .htaccess… Read More »

apache2 – https redirection to http for a given page

Questions: I have a specific problem about the redirection of HTTPS to HTTP for several pages. I have Apache2 in front of Zope. Here’s the configuration of my VirtualHost on port 80 : <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin root@website.com ServerName website.com ServerAlias www.website.com <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # www to non www RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.(.*) [NC] RewriteRule… Read More »

Proxy web socket in shiny server using Apache 2.4

Questions: I am using the shiny-server (latest version, behind the Apache 2.4, Ubuntu 14.04. Following the instruction of online documentation (https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/213733868-Running-Shiny-Server-with-a-Proxy), I can setup the proxy correctly for web sockets. However, I would like to point my URL directly a shiny app (not all apps). This is my current configuration: ProxyPreserveHost On ProxyPassMatch “^/(.+)/websocket”… Read More »

iterate over apache 2 log file names and compare numbers using linux bash

Questions: Here is an example of logs in my /var/www/apache2/log folder- ./no_domain_access.log.7.gz ./no_domain_access.log.8.gz ./no_domain_access.log.9.gz ./no_domain_error.log.10.gz ./no_domain_error.log.11.gz ./no_domain_error.log.12.gz ./no_domain_error.log.13.gz ./no_domain_error.log.14.gz ./no_domain_error.log.15.gz ./no_domain_error.log.16.gz ./no_domain_error.log.17.gz ./no_domain_error.log.18.gz ./no_domain_error.log.19.gz ./no_domain_error.log.20.gz and goes until 50… I would like to iterate over those files and remove all log files that are greater then 5. using regex syntax will give me the option… Read More »

How do I set my RAILS_ENV with Passenger and Apache?

Questions: I’ve been everywhere today looking for the way to properly set my RAILS_ENV for Passenger. I want to use the test environment now that the site is on my server, but I don’t want it to be production because I’m having database issues. I’ve been directed to this part of the documentation, but it… Read More »

Google Sitemap Generator error 'is not a supported Apache binary or control script' during installation

Questions: I have a LAMP configurated server AMD64 with Ubuntu 14.04 and Apache2 on an EC2 instance. I followed the official guide here, so first I downloaded the sitemap_linux-x86_64-beta1-20091231.tar.gz and unpacked it Then I typed sudo sitemap-install/install.sh –-apache-bin=/usr/sbin/apache2 and here comes my problem: What is the location of the Apache binary or control script? [/usr/sbin/apache2]… Read More »