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ngnix CORS configuration for JIRA api not working

Questions: We haven an internal JIRA server running. And I am developing a UI web app with the REST api provided. My angularjs UI web app runs at which hits http://localhost/jira-api/rest/api/2/… To deal with cross domain issues I setup ngnix with below configuration. worker_processes 1; events { worker_connections 1024; } http { upstream jiraserver… Read More »

Rails API Routing issue (only in production with nginx + unicorn)

Questions: i’ve developed an api with rails, and in localhost everything was ok. but when my api is at prod server, i got errors with my routes… here is the scenario: my prod server is configured with nginx and unicorn im using subdomain and versions in my routes (api.servername/v1/resource) routes.rb file: constraints subdomain: ‘api’ do… Read More »

Greater than, Less than string Lua (Lapis)

Questions: I’m trying to return string “<a>” , but I received empty string. That is, “<a>” => (nothing but not nil) “PP<a>” => PP “R”..”<a>” => R “R:” .. (string.format(“<%s>”, “a”)) => R I haven’t found in documentation this feature. Can you help my understand why this happens? Answers: It might be because you’re viewing… Read More »

Issue installing Xdeug: undefined symbol: sapi_globals

Questions: I’m having an issue installing Xdebug on a Redhat server with Php 5.4.14 installed. This server does not have ports open to access the internet, so I have build Xdebug from the source following the guide provided on the install page and then by the wizard. After adding the zend_extension=”my/path/to/xdebug.so” and restarting Apache, I… Read More »

Scraping javascript website

Questions: I’m able to scrape data off of basic html pages, but I’m having trouble scraping off the site below. It looks like the data is presented via javascript, and I’m not sure how to approach that issue. I’d prefer to use R to scrape, if possible, but could also use Python. Any ideas/suggestions? Edit:… Read More »

Youtube API – Subscribing to Push Notifications

Questions: My final goal is to set up a Webhook whenever a YouTube user uploads a video. After some research I got to this article. But when I get to the part https://www.youtube.com/xml/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=CHANNEL_ID, I got Restricted topic error when trying the subscribe to the Google/SuperFeedr hubs. I also got my callback URL working. The topic… Read More »

WITSML api library for .Net / C# client apps?

Questions: Witsml is an xml data and query standard used in the oil and gas drilling industry. It uses xml for both the data and the query templates when communicating with a server (over http). It’s a bit of a mess to manually construct queries in xml, especially since the templates specify both what elements… Read More »

How to remove xmlns attribute with .NET XML API

Questions: XmlElement.Attributes.Remove* methods are working fine for arbitrary attributes resulting in the removed attributes being removed from XmlDocument.OuterXml property. Xmlns attribute however is different. Here is an example: XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.InnerXml = @”<Element1 attr1=””value1″” xmlns=””http://mynamespace.com/”” attr2=””value2″”/>”; doc.DocumentElement.Attributes.RemoveNamedItem(“attr2”); Console.WriteLine(“xmlns attr before removal={0}”, doc.DocumentElement.Attributes[“xmlns”]); doc.DocumentElement.Attributes.RemoveNamedItem(“xmlns”); Console.WriteLine(“xmlns attr after removal={0}”, doc.DocumentElement.Attributes[“xmlns”]); The resulting output is… Read More »

Choosing an excel java api [closed]

Questions: All I need to do is open an MS excel sheet – not sure which kind yet (2003, 2007, etc.) – and parse the information in each row into an object. I’m performing only readonly operations. out of Apache POI, JExcelAPI, or OpenXLS which is best for this task? I’d rather not find out… Read More »

Serve Rails API and Ionic mobile website together

Questions: Basing on How to run Ionic serve permanently? and Deploy Ionic as a website, nginx should be able to serve the code from the Ionic’s www folder. I am exploiting the idea of serving it with its Rails back-end together using the same domain address… so that no CORS traffic and overhead will be… Read More »