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SQL Server – Asynchronous Query Execution

Questions: In Sql Server 2008, I have a stored proc that writes the result into an output parameter and that inserts the parameters into a table. I want to make the “inserting into a table” part of the SP to run asynchronously so that the result can be read from the output parameter without waiting… Read More »

Asynchronous ADO.NET

Questions: I’m trying to write an asynchronous server that queries a SQL Server database and am concerned that my DB side is too synchronous. Specifically, I can call ExecuteReader asynchronously but cannot then call reader.Item asynchronously and is where 57% of the time is spent (blocking my precious thread!). Is this the most asynchronous I… Read More »

Why are asynchronous calls to my database desireable?

Questions: I’ve written a server which interacts with an MSSQL database. It’s currently written in .NET 4.0 and uses NHibernate as an ORM to retrieve information from the database. When reading about .NET 4.5 and the introduction of the async/await keywords I learned that, unfortunately, NHibernate does not have support for async/await . I don’t… Read More »

Is asynchronous jdbc call possible?

Questions: I wonder if there is a way to make asynchronous calls to a database? For instance, imagine that I’ve a big request that take a very long time to process, I want to send the request and receive a notification when the request will return a value (by passing a Listener/callback or something). I… Read More »

How to asynchronously call a method in Java

Questions: I’ve been looking at Go’s goroutines lately and thought it would be nice to have something similar in Java. As far as I’ve searched the common way to parallelize a method call is to do something like: final String x = “somethingelse”; new Thread(new Runnable() { public void run() { x.matches(“something”); } }).start(); Thats… Read More »

Asynchronous encryption in Swift

Questions: I am trying to encrypt a string, using Public/Private Key system. I need to pass a string to the server, where a PHP script can decrypt it. I have a working JavaScript to PHP script system, however, I’d like to make it possible for the PHP script to also accept data from the iOS… Read More »

php mysqli multi query asynchronous?

Questions: $databases = array(); $path = ‘/Path/To/Directory’; $main_link = mysqli_connect(‘localhost’, ‘USERNAME’, ‘PASSWORD’); $files = scandir($path); $ignore_files = array(); foreach($files as $file) { if (!in_array($file, $ignore_files)) { $database = substr($file, 0, strpos($file,’.’)); $databases[] = $database; mysqli_query($main_link, “DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS $database”) or die (“$database 1” . mysqli_error($main_link)); mysqli_query($main_link, “CREATE DATABASE $database”) or die (“$database 2” .mysqli_error($main_link));… Read More »