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Throttling asynchronous tasks

Questions: I would like to run a bunch of async tasks, with a limit on how many tasks may be pending completion at any given time. Say you have 1000 URLs, and you only want to have 50 requests open at a time; but as soon as one request completes, you open up a connection… Read More »

Asynchronous IO in Java?

Questions: What options for async io (socket-based) are there in java other then java.nio? Also does java.nio use threads in the backround (as I think .NET’s async-socket-library does, maybe it’s been changed) or is it “true” async io using a proper select call? Answers: Java’s NIO package (as of Java6), provides support for non-blocking I/O… Read More »

Asynchronous COMET query with Tornado and Prototype

Questions: I’m trying to write simple web application using Tornado and JS Prototype library. So, the client can execute long running job on server. I wish, that this job runs Asynchronously – so that others clients could view page and do some stuff there. Here what i’ve got: #!/usr/bin/env/ pytthon import tornado.httpserver import tornado.ioloop import… Read More »

load scripts asynchronously

Questions: I am using several plugins, custom widgets and some other libraries from JQuery. as a result I have several .js and .css files. I need to create a loader for my site because it takes some time to load. it will be nice if I can display the loader before importing all the: <script… Read More »