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SipAudioCall timeout meaning

Questions: I’m trying to implement an easy Sip phone applcation for Android but I can’t understand what does the parameter timeout means(the documentation is very bad). I found it in the SipAudioCall.answerCall and SipManager.makeAudioCall. Someone can explain me how can I deteterminate the value to pass? Answers:

Own “AudioPlayer” in Java [on hold]

Questions: I want to make a TeamSpeak Musicbot, I got everything set up now. Now I want to playback music, for that I can send a byte[] every 20 miliseconds. I tried using a AudioInputStream and read that. But everything that what I heard were terrible noises that didn´t equaled to my test file at… Read More »

How to change AUDIO source for camera recording? (android)

Questions: I need record video from camera and in same time play the music and result should be the video with my music. Now I could play and record but still separately. I thought that it can be done by changing this mMediaRecorder.setAudioSource(MediaRecorder.AudioSource.MIC); but as I get it’s just a pool of constants and i… Read More »

Generate video from processed images together with audio

Questions: I have followed this example http://nezarobot.blogspot.com/2016/03/android-surfacetexture-camera2-opencv.html in order to process the frames before sending them to the preview. This is done by sending the Image and Surface to a native function where the processing is done. I have also successfully written the image stream to a video using openCV and VideoWriter. Unfortunately, the only… Read More »

Alternative to JavaFX Webview which supports all audio sources? [on hold]

Questions: I am trying to embed https://virtualpiano.net/ into an application using JavaFX’s webview, however for some reason when the keys are pressed they do not play sound (animations confirm the mouseclick is registered though). I am assuming this is a shortcoming of webview and not a specific workaround that virtualpiano has to prevent ripping, if… Read More »

Save audio record in files with ACRCloud

Questions: I have a problem with a Android app that call ACRCloud. For the work that I need to do, I want to save the recording in a MP3 file but I don’t know why it doesn’t work. That’s my code : File f = null; try { f = createAudioFile(); } catch (IOException e)… Read More »

Using AudioBuffer as a source for a HTMLAudioElement?

Questions: How one can use decoded AudioBuffer data to be set as a source for HTMLAudioElement? Let us assume we have an HTMLAudioElement: let audio = new Audio(); And we also were able to receive and decode audio data: let context = new AudioContext(); let source = context.createBufferSource(); //this represents the audio source. We need… Read More »