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HTTP OPTIONS request on Azure Websites fails due to CORS

Questions: I’ve recently moved our servers from Rackspace CloudSites (running on Apache/Linux) to Windows Azure Websites. Since the migration, all the jQuery AJAX requests on our REST API have started failing due to CORS. We use custom headers, so jQuery makes a Pre-flight HTTP OPTIONS request before running the actual API calls. The problem is… Read More »

How to export Azure Machine Learning output to CSV

Questions: I have created an Azure ML experiment which will give the output as predicted probability values and some charts such as bar chart, pie chart, etc. Now I am able to see the outputs in Azure ML’s output page. How can I export my Azure ML experiment results to CSV (or any other similar… Read More »

Name / Rename Azure SQL Server

Questions: When creating a SQL Server through the Azure portal, it generates a random server name like abcsomejunkcharactersxyz.database.windows.net. While I realize this is some level of security through obscurity… Is there no way to control the name of the SQL Server in Azure? Optimally, this would be controllable at either creation time or via a… Read More »