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How to get links in Excel to open in single browser tab

Questions: I have an Excel spreadsheet with html links in one column. The links are being generated by a perl script via Win32::OLE like so (inside a loop with index $i): my $range = $Sheet->Range(“B”.$row); my $link = “http://foobar.com/show.pl?id=$i”; $Sheet->Hyperlinks->Add({Anchor=>$range,Address=>$link,TextToDisplay=>”Link to $i”}); Currently, every time I click one of these links, it opens in a… Read More »

How to display excel chart in browser?

Questions: I have an excel sheet containing excel chart. I am able to display entier excel sheet on browser using an iframe. However, I only want to display the chart present inside the excel sheet on the browser. How do I achieve this? I see that it needs Javascript + ActiveX APIs. I tried but… Read More »

Using Chrome browser instead of InternetExplorer.Application

Questions: I know how to work with Excel VBA and IE, but I would like to know if it’s possible to work with Google Chrome, since I find it faster than IE. Here’s what I mean specifically: Set IE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”) Can I substitute this with something that will launch Chrome instead of IE? Answers:… Read More »

Embed a web browser within a java application [duplicate]

Questions: Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to embed a browser in Java? how can i embed a web browser within a java application? Thanks, David Answers: There are a number of alternatives: JEditorPane – included in the JRE, but only renders simple HTML JDIC – open source, embeds native browser ICEBrowser – commercial, renders… Read More »