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PHP code displayed in browser

Questions: so, I’m working on a databases project, and i’m trying to code incrementally. the problem is, when i go to test the php in browser, it displays the php code after my use of “->”. the html printing is displayed properly, which is AFTER the point where the -> is. here is the php:… Read More »

XMLHttpRequest to open PDF in browser

Questions: I want to do XMLHttpRequest and then open a PDF in the Browser by sending the filename by POST method. xmlhttp.open(“POST”,”pdf.php”,true); //CHANGE xmlhttp.setRequestHeader(“Content-type”,”application/x-www-form-urlencoded”); xmlhttp.send(“file=”+input); Is that possible or XMLHttpRequest is just for HTML? Answers:

POST/Redirect throws a `Connection was reset` browser error

Questions: I’m building a one-page checkout for a customer of ours. This checkout is supposed to contain all forms for credentials, shipment and payment. Editing previously entered values should also be possible. This is all going fine except for one thing. My page is built of multiple includes: credentials shipment payment In each of these… Read More »

web browser not processing PHP code as PHP code

Questions: I have Joomla installed in my computer, but recently have been writing php files that aren’t related to the Joomla-managed site. For some reason, when I try to open those php files in the web browser using xampp (note: Joomla also is using xampp), the browser doesn’t process the code w/in the tags as… Read More »

Detecting Browser exit in PHP

Questions: I have looked at a few topics (here & google) regarding detecting browser exit in php and im not really any clearer on how to do so. I tried the register_shutdown_function in PHP but that was executing even when i refreshed the browser page. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Answers: