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Make a translate button in an app with an extended text file

Questions: I wondering how i can change the languague on the things that is “text”. like “Sorry! Your device doesn’t support this function!”. I have a text file with the english version and under that version there is the new languages version. thankful for help. Here is my Java Code for MainActivity: package com.carlo_projekt.tvprograms; import… Read More »

Issues with my stop button

Questions: I’m creating an app that plays different sounds, when different buttons are pressed. So far, everything seems to be running smoothly, except for two issues. The first issue, is that on start up, if I click my stop button without first playing an audio file, then my app crashes. I would appreciate it, if… Read More »

I have a button in my index.html ,open that html and want to perform on click action using the button and redirect it to different page

Questions: If the button inside index.html has id, then how to call onclick on that button inside java application using that id. Here is the Java Code: public class Abcd extends Application { public static void main(String[] args) { launch(args); } @Override public void start(Stage primaryStage) { primaryStage.setTitle(“fdg”); StackPane root = new StackPane(); webView =… Read More »

I want to get values of selected radio button?

Questions: I want to get value and put it in string from the below radio buttons. How can i do it by using buttongroup?? JLabel genderlabel=new JLabel(“Gender:”); genderlabel.setBounds(10,130,60,25); jpanel.add(genderlabel); JRadioButton male=new JRadioButton(“Male”); male.setBounds(100,130,70,25); JRadioButton female=new JRadioButton(“Female”); female.setBounds(170,130,70,25); JRadioButton others=new JRadioButton(“Others”); others.setBounds(240,130,70,25); gender=new ButtonGroup(); gender.add(male); gender.add(female); gender.add(others); Answers: