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Reset value of input type=“number” on page load or button click

Questions: I want to reset the value of input type=”number”. When the user reloads the page or re-visits the page input value does not change to a default, it remains populated by a previous value, It seems I can’t get it to work, current setting : <input type=”number” data-unit=”sq m” data-common-unit=”sq m” name=”area_needed” id=”area_needed” value=””… Read More »

CSS Triangles Pointing to Buttons

Questions: I have the following markup which I got from cssarrowplease: .arrow_box { position: relative; background: #88b7d5; border: 2px solid #c2e1f5; margin-top: 20px; } .arrow_box:after, .arrow_box:before { bottom: 100%; left: 50%; border: solid transparent; content: ” “; height: 0; width: 0; position: absolute; pointer-events: none; } .arrow_box:after { border-color: rgba(136, 183, 213, 0); border-bottom-color: #88b7d5;… Read More »

togglebutton failing in reactjs

Questions: I am trying to show different html body on same tab having two toggle buttons. I have two toggle buttons with one as pre-configured. I want to show different html on two different buttons, for doing this I have added one functions named getBody for rendering html. But I’m not getting how to call… Read More »

Can't make DataTables child rows work without + button

Questions: So, the situation is this. There is a HTML page with a table in it, that is using the DataTables plugin. I show some data that I collect from a database. This is how the table looks like: <table class=”display nowrap” id=”table_commesse”></table> This is the DataTables initialization. $(document).ready(function() { $(“#table_commesse”).DataTable({ language: { url: “/inc/dataTables/dataTables.italian.json”… Read More »

Check if a specific class exist(button)

Questions: Got a problem with my function I have no idea how to make it work. Without if it works but spams in console. This function check if a multiple div class(‘open button’) exist and do the code (function() { function openbutton() { var button = setInterval(function() { if (getEBCN(‘open button’).length > 0) { setTimeout(function()… Read More »