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Detecting Back Button/Hash Change in URL

Questions: I just set up my new homepage at http://ritter.vg. I’m using jQuery, but very minimally. It loads all the pages using AJAX – I have it set up to allow bookmarking by detecting the hash in the URL. //general functions function getUrl(u) { return u + ‘.html’; } function loadURL(u) { $.get(getUrl(u), function(r){ $(‘#main’).html(r);… Read More »

How to add undo / redo buttons to toolbar in Eclipse?

Questions: I feel a bit embarrassed asking this questions, but how the heck can I get regular undo/redo buttons into the toolbar of eclipse? I’ve often to switch between German and English keyboard layout. Y and Z on those layouts is interchanged and thus I constantly trigger the wrong action for undo / redo. I’ve… Read More »

Clicking HTML 5 Video element to play, pause video, breaks play button

Questions: I’m trying to get the video to be able to play and pause like it does YouTube (Using both the play and pause button, and clicking the video itself.) <video width=”600″ height=”409″ id=”videoPlayer” controls=”controls”> <!– MP4 Video –> <source src=”video.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″> </video> <script> var videoPlayer = document.getElementById(‘videoPlayer’); // Auto play, half volume. videoPlayer.play() videoPlayer.volume… Read More »