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asp.net caching limit? [duplicate]

Questions: Possible Duplicate: ASP.NET cache maximum size I’m caching quite a lot of datatables using asp.net caching (the floowing code): HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert(GlobalVars.Current.applicationID + “_” + cacheName, itemToCache, null, System.Web.Caching.Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(240)); However I think that the cache on the server is getting full and having to re-obtain the datatable data from the database. Is there any limit… Read More »

How to stop entity framework caching

Questions: We’re having a problem testing Entity Framework 4. We’ve deployed a WCF service that implements an EF data context. All works fine untill we modify the data using SQL server studio. Is there a way to stop EF caching our results or is there any way to turn eager loading on? Cheers, James Answers:… Read More »

Disable caching in JPA (eclipselink)

Questions: I want to use JPA (eclipselink) to get data from my database. The database is changed by a number of other sources and I therefore want to go back to the database for every find I execute. I have read a number of posts on disabling the cache but this does not seem to… Read More »

How to enable HTTP response caching in Spring Boot

Questions: I have implemented a REST server using Spring Boot 1.0.2. I’m having trouble preventing Spring from setting HTTP headers that disable HTTP caching. My controller is as following: @Controller public class MyRestController { @RequestMapping(value = “/someUrl”, method = RequestMethod.GET) public @ResponseBody ResponseEntity<String> myMethod( HttpServletResponse httpResponse) throws SQLException { return new ResponseEntity<String>(“{}”, HttpStatus.OK); } }… Read More »

Any way to make Java honor the DNS Caching Timeout (TTL)?

Questions: We use GSLB for geo-distribution and load-balancing. Each service is assigned a fixed domain name. Through some DNS magic, the domain name is resolved into an IP that’s closest to the server with least load. For the load-balancing to work, the application server needs to honor the TTL from DNS response and to resolve… Read More »

Preventing Caching of CSS Files

Questions: I am developing a simple website using PHP. Development Configuration : WAMP Production Configuration : LAMP While testing, I changed my CSS file, but when I reload the page my browser(not sure) still uses the old cached css. I did some googling and found different solutions that I have already tried Appending a query… Read More »

Caching JSON output in PHP

Questions: Got a slight bit of an issue. Been playing with the facebook and twitter API’s and getting the JSON output of status search queries no problem, however I’ve read up further and realised that I could end up being “rate limited” as quoted from the documentation. I was wondering is it easy to cache… Read More »

Disable template caching for development in OpenCart 3

Questions: I am making changes in my theme templates in OpenCart 3. Due to template caching I have to clear cache every time under “storage/cache” directory. It is very annoying when working and previewing changes frequently during development. Please provide some solution how we can configure caching according to production and development environment. Note: I… Read More »