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Caching video playback in HTML5

Questions: I have video elements in my DOM that are sometimes removed and re-added later. Is there a way to cache the video playback into the browser so that the second time the video element is added to the DOM, it doesn’t have to buffer all over again? I’m using m3u8 video source files. So… Read More »

Caching files using getCacheDir()

Questions: I wanted to download images that are downloaded from Dropbox and cache them for further use: String cachePath = mContext.getCacheDir().getAbsolutePath() + entry.fileName(); File cacheFile = new File(cachePath); //cacheFile.exists() returns true after 1st call if(!cacheFile.exists()){ //If cache doesn’t exist, download the file mFos = new FileOutputStream(cachePath); mApi.getThumbnail(path, mFos, ThumbSize.BESTFIT_320x240, ThumbFormat.JPEG, null); } mDrawable = Drawable.createFromPath(cachePath);… Read More »

Caching downloaded information with vue

Questions: I have a list of items rendered in a vue component. This items need to load some information from a service. For example the item icon, caption, etc. Is there any way in vue to download this information only once and be reused next time the same items are shown to the user? Thanks… Read More »

Retrofit caching custom url

Questions: My url is something like BASE_URL/PATH/PATH:SESSIONID. Now I want to use the etag handling in Retrofit, so I need to add a cache into my OkHttp client. This works fine, but my session id could change and I want to get the cache data from just BASE_URL/PATH/PATH. I don’t want to implement it completely… Read More »

A plugin is causing a caching issue

Questions: I have a website which was created in 2013. We installed a plugin for woocommerce which cleans-up inside woocommerce, like custom checkout pages. It basically handles lots of inside pages of my store. We recently kept updating our other plugins and moved to php 7 as well. The issue is the plugin which was… Read More »