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CakePHP website not shows changes, unless clear the history

Questions: I have my website in cakephp and whenever i do some development or update my website javascript and css files. The changes will not show on my users end, unless they clear the history of browser. Is there anyway, so that changes will show automatically. Thanks Answers:

CakePHP app 404s when going to URL subdirectories

Questions: I recently imported a CakePHP project to a new server and am able to load the webroot e.g. example.com however when I go to example.com/pages/about or example.com/pages/contact I get a 404. I’m using Nginx, which I assume isn’t configured correctly because the same CakePHP project is deployed on a different server. (I don’t have… Read More »

cakephp how to make this queries

Questions: I’m new to cakephp and I have a question about how to do this.I have two tables campaign and users,I make a query about the campaign table and about the results of doing a search on users. |———| | Camping | |———| | id | |———| | name | |———| |———-| | User |… Read More »

Cakephp 3.6 contain

Questions: I have on little problem with my Cakephp’s project. I have this get function in StudentController for view action. $student = $this->Students->get($id, [ ‘contain’ => [‘Courses’, ‘LessonPresences’, ‘StudentNotes’, ‘StudentPayments’] ]); StudentNotes are added by Users. With the contain I get the StudentNotes with the ID of the user who add this note. How I… Read More »