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Using Weka to Classify Author Blog Gender

Questions: I am trying to use Weka in Java to classify an author’s blog as written by a male or female. I build a class called Weka which defines the attributes to be used in the training set and then calls a method to load all the already known data from an excel sheet. The… Read More »

Error, Unable to set the formulaArray property of the range class

Questions: I’ve created the following formula: =IFNA(LOOKUP(10^99,–MID(O2,MIN(IF((–ISNUMBER(–MID(O2,ROW($1:$25),1))=0)*ISNUMBER(–MID(O2,ROW($2:$26),1)),ROW($2:$26))),ROW($1:$25))),SUMPRODUCT(MID(0&RIGHT(N2,4),LARGE(INDEX(ISNUMBER(–MID(RIGHT(N2,4),ROW($1:$25),1))* ROW($1:$25),0),ROW($1:$25))+1,1)*10^ROW($1:$25)/10)) It looks at column “N” and bring through just the number string. If there is an N/A it will then do the same on column “O” which is ran as an array and it works fine. Yet when I converted it to VBA code, I get the… Read More »

Create “_Enter” event handler for textbox in class module

Questions: I have a Class Module, TCLabel, to add event handlers for a dynamically populated userform. When the userform is initialized, these labels (and other controls) are dynamically added based on the custom document properties of ActiveDocument. Everything is working correctly, except I have found that I am unable to create Textbox_Enter event handlers using… Read More »

Export data to excel file from Classic ASP failing

Questions: I’m trying to export a record set into Excel but it seems to keep failing on the production servers. However, it seems to work just fine on my development workstation. I’m wondering i fit’s a server related issue but I have other apps that can export just fine using the same exact code, well… Read More »

VBA class with a property that has properties

Questions: I’m an trying to build a class that describes basically a geospatial conditional statement where one of the parameters is the altitude. Altitude has 4 properties like Min, Max, Units, Invert and I’m trying to make the class support a 2 layer property. IE Dim blah as qClass Set blah = New qClass blah.Altitude.Min… Read More »

Modify an existing VBA class

Questions: I would like to know if there is some way to add your own methods/properties to an existing VBA class (such Range, Charts, etc). An example: I would like the currently VBA class Worksheet have a specific method done by myself, something like: ‘Worksheet methods Public Sub LookFor (ByVal Value as String) ‘My code… Read More »