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IOException getCanonicalPath() with Cordova Camera Plugin

Questions: im usign the cordova camera plugin (4.0.3)… I got in initialized but if I try to open the camera… the app throws an IOException in the FileProvider.java (Android Support v4 Library)… And doesn’t run code after the catch… therefore it leads to an ArrayOutOfBounds exception while trying to get the URI later. Question is… Read More »

Android 7+: Multi-window detection with Cordova apps

Questions: how are folks handling android’s multi-window support in cordova or using browser events? Specifically, I am trapping the pause event in my app and doing cleanup because when the app is not running in multi-window mode, it actually means the app is going to the background. I use this callback to clear up some… Read More »

Cordova not copy fonts when generate APK

Questions: I use Cordova 8.0 and it is my www project tree: When I run cordova run android for test my app in my phone I get the next project tree: (I show it thanks to Chrome Dev Tools) So cordova completely omited my fonts folder How can I avoid it? EDIT: Answers: