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angularjs cordova base href

Questions: trying to set the correct base href value for an angularjs html5 web app to work in cordova initially using $locationProvider.html5Mode(true) with <base href=”/”>: app works perfectly in a normal browser cordova gives resource errors for css / js / templates etc (I believe it looks for resources within the cordova root directory rather… Read More »

Performance Impacts of Cordova/PhoneGap?

Questions: Recently, I have got to know about Apache Cordova and PhoneGap and how beautifully then can package native Android and Ios Apps from HTML5 Apps. However, I am trying to understand, How does this impact performance, security or any other concerns. I am sure, that using Cordova and PhoneGap, won’t provide the security and… Read More »

Could not find class 'android.webkit.WebResourceResponse' when running HelloCordova on Android 2.2

Questions: I tried to follow this tutorial: http://docs.phonegap.com/en/2.7.0/guide_getting-started_android_index.md.html#Getting%20Started%20with%20Android and get the following error: 05-08 15:35:59.845: E/dalvikvm(307): Could not find class ‘android.webkit.WebResourceResponse’, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.CordovaWebViewClient.getWhitelistResponse Here a guy explains the error: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB-3041 This is a known issue. Because Android 2.3 does not have android.webkit.WebResourceResponse, this code is considered dead by Android 2.3’s Dalvik. This means… Read More »