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Issue with building Apache cordova app for wp8 on win 8 desktop

Questions: I am trying to build a simple app using Apache cordova. Things went well for android. However when I try to add the wp8 platform on my win 8 notebook, It show the following error: Creating Cordova-WP8 Project: App Name : abc Namespace : com.sample.abc Path : C:\Development\abc\platforms\wp8 CREATE SUCCESS : C:\Development\abc\platforms\wp8 ERROR: Could… Read More »

Integrating Unity project into Cordova with mgcrea plugin

Questions: I have an Unity 3D project made for Android and I’m trying to port it in IOS. I created a similar project with Apache Cordova but without 3D graphic, and now I found a plugin for Cordova that promise an Unity integration with Cordova (https://github.com/mgcrea/cordova-plugin-unity). I’ve tried to integrate it, but I haven’t understand… Read More »

Cordova Windows using custom certificate

Questions: I have a Cordova app and I want to create an appx package to publish it. Mainly, the app generates Excel files and it works well. The thing is, once I specify my custom certificate in the package.windows.appxmanifest file and I run the app (in Debug or Release mode in VS) my generated files… Read More »

Cordova/Phonegap 3.1 keyboard (still) overlays focused form fields – iOS 7

Questions: Hi guys I just upgraded from cordova 3.0 to 3.1 and I’m still experiencing a very disturbing issue (which still exists when playing with KeyboardShrinksView preference). Whenever I’m focusing an element (input/textarea) which triggers the keyboard opening, the element gets hidden behind the keyboard and I need to scroll down (using webkit-overflow-scrolling for scrolling… Read More »

Cordova AJAX POST permission

Questions: I’m building a Cordova APP with simple REST calls. The issue is when I make a AJAX with POST, Chrome sends me: “XMLHttpRequest cannot load Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 405″ on console. But, if I make a AJAX call with GET (basically return an value from database) the things… Read More »

Phonegap – automatically including correct cordova

Questions: I’m developing a phonegap app on both iOS and android and have my www directory version controlled with git. I know that my HTML file needs to include the correct Cordova.js file (depending on which platform I’m currently developing on). It is a little annoying pulling changes to www on iOS when someone was… Read More »

Apache Cordova: Difference between browser and www platform

Questions: If I type on my console: cordova platform ls I get the following list for platforms: Installed platforms: Available platforms: android ~6.3.0 blackberry10 ~3.8.0 (deprecated) browser ~5.0.0 ios ~4.5.1 osx ~4.0.1 ubuntu ~4.3.4 (deprecated) webos ~3.7.0 windows ~5.0.0 www ^3.12.0 But I cannot understand the difference between www platform and browser platform. The both… Read More »