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disable particular dates in rc-calendar components?

Questions: How to disable particular dates in rc-calendar Component using reactjs. if (isValArr === 1 || current < moment().startOf(‘day’)) return current; I used the above line to disable the past days. I had disable all weekends with the help of days value. But what I want now is to disable particular date with the help… Read More »

How to validate a input box in Angular js ,which name is array of name like 'item[priceFrom]'

Questions: How to validate a input text box as number,I use ng-pattern for validate number but my input name is array of name like “item[priceFrom]” so how will i validate this field.This validation is working fine if input name is “priceFrom”. var app = angular.module(‘myApp’, []); app.controller(‘myCtrl’, function($scope) { //$scope.name = “John Doe”; }); <!DOCTYPE… Read More »

Get week ID from DatePicker using C#

Questions: Following code for getting weekid CultureInfo ciCurr = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture; int Weekid = ciCurr.Calendar.GetWeekOfYear(dt, CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek, DayOfWeek.Monday); When I try for date 31/12/2018 it showed me week Id 53 but in my DatePicker it showed week Id 1 Refer image of DatePicker Question: which one is correct? how to make it same either change in C#… Read More »

JavaScript Vuex or Date bugs

Questions: I have a problem with the Date Class. It should take a parameter (wheres a timestamp in) and output the right day of month and the month. But it always shows something like 02.06. Everything from past month instead of current Date. Here is my part where I pass Timestamp to getter <workCard v-if=”services_getSort(sortServicesBy).length… Read More »

d3 stacked bar update not working

Questions: I have a stacked bar chart made in D3 v5. https://codepen.io/bental/pen/oMbrjL I haven’t quite got my head around the update pattern, the bars overwrite. I think I have to grab the inner rects on the update, but I cant quite make this work. I’m sure my misunderstanding and error lies in the plotArea() function… Read More »

Vuelidate get vue instance

Questions: I am using vuelidate, and it is working perfect. But I want to do a request in a custom validator. See the code: validations: { partnumberValue: { required, isValid(value) { if (value.length < 12 || value.length > 12) return false; return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { vm.http.get(‘/api/test/’ + value).then((response) => { resolve(response.json()) }, (response)… Read More »

Set and compare dates to check credit card validity

Questions: I have customers signing up for a 12 monthly installment option. I need to know if their credit card will be valid for at least the duration of the installment option exactly 12 months. Using the card.exp_year and card.exp_month from the object received below, how would I work out if this credit card will… Read More »