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how do I generate random timestamps in Excel

Questions: I need to generate a bunch of random times in Excel 2013. The time needs to be between 7AM to 8:45AM The number of rows varies but they are typically between 30 to 60 Answers: In Excel, one day = 1 7AM = 7/24 845AM = 8.75/24 Enter the formula: =7/24+RAND()*(8.75/24-7/24) On the Home… Read More »

Getting exception system.AppDomainUnloadedexception: the application domain in which thread was running has been unloaded

Questions: I am working on c# vsto ( excel )and i have created the excel 2007 project installer . Project works fine in the Office 2007 but when open it in the Office 2010, it starts creating problem. System.AppDomainUnloadedexception: the application domain in which thread was running has been unloaded Anybody has any idea about… Read More »

Remove random linebreak in html Email

Questions: I’ve had a problem for a few days now, and I simply can’t explain why it happens. I’m currently working on sending an HTML email from Excel. Most of it works just fine, but I get these random line-breaks inside some paragraphs. This is my code VBA function: Public Function EmailRapport(ByVal MailTo As String,… Read More »

Apply a multiple to randomly selected months in a set of 12 months of revenue data

Questions: I have a set of revenue data for each month in a year in columns: Month1=$304,161.68 Month2=$264,022.48 Month3=$231,374.13 Month4=$204,817.97 Month5=$183,216.61 Month6=$165,645.15 Month7=$151,351.41 Month8=$139,723.69 Month9=$130,264.49 Month10=$122,569.21 Month11=$116,308.76 Month12=$111,215.50 I also have a value in the same row that tells me how many of months in the year need to be considered “special” months. What I… Read More »

MSXML2.DOMDocument60 crashes Excel

Questions: I have written a VBA macro to load and parse an XML file. This exact code has worked fine for awhile, but now it’s no longer functioning. I’ve tested it on two different computers running Excel 2013 64-bit. The code it fails on is below: Public Sub RunClashImport() ‘This subroutine will import an XML… Read More »