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Dynamic discount using AJAX and Fee API in Woocommerce checkout page

Questions: I have put a select box in the checkout page like this. function rx_wc_reward_points_check() { $reward_points = ‘<select class=”rx-rewad-points” id=”rx-redemption-points”> <option value=”1250″>$25.00 Off (1250 Points) </option> <option value=”2500″>$50.00 Off (2500 Points) </option> <option value=”5000″>$100.00 Off (5000 Points) </option> <option value=”7000″>$150.00 Off (7000 Points) </option> </select>’; $reward_points .= ‘<a class=”button alt” name=”rx_reward_points_btn” id=”rx_reward_points” value=”Apply” data-value=”Reward… Read More »

PHP & JQuery Adding Dynamic Inputs

Questions: I’m using Jquery in order to add dynamic inputs on my page. I only want to display one input initially, then more can be added by clicking a button. This works as expected. I’m then using PHP in order to catch the $_POST values of the inputs and send them to an external script.… Read More »

How to do a dynamic ps.setString() in Java

Questions: I have a problem with my code. I do not know how to properly insert these sample records in the database. It runs, but the output in the database is wrong. It displays the same value each column and iterate every row. Here is my code: String[] arr = {“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”,… Read More »

Can not access to the path using dynamic retrofit in android

Questions: I’m new working with retrofit in android, I have read the following links: https://github.com/codepath/android_guides/wiki/Consuming-APIs-with-Retrofit https://inthecheesefactory.com/blog/retrofit-2.0/en Is it possible to manipulate retrofit url without method parameter? But I can not make my code working. Any help is very good recived. My service ProductInfo: import java.util.List; import retrofit2.Call; import retrofit2.http.GET; import retrofit2.http.Path; public interface ProductInfo {… Read More »