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How does Eclipse compile classes with only a JRE?

Questions: I need to batch a compilation with a special JRE which has been “customized”. Eclipse is able to compile the classes with this JRE, but I need to make a build script outside of Eclipse. What is the method used by Eclipse to generate the .class files without a JDK? Answers: Eclipse comes with… Read More »

Disable caching in JPA (eclipselink)

Questions: I want to use JPA (eclipselink) to get data from my database. The database is changed by a number of other sources and I therefore want to go back to the database for every find I execute. I have read a number of posts on disabling the cache but this does not seem to… Read More »

Invoking Java main method with parameters from Eclipse

Questions: During development (and for debugging) it is very useful to run a Java class’ public static void main(String[] argv) method directly from inside Eclipse (using the Run As context menu). Is there a similarily quick way to specify command line parameters for the run? What I do now is go to the “Run Dialog”,… Read More »

Eclipse continue crashing

Questions: today my Eclipse continue crashing and show me this message: # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007f9d6dfd4c91, pid=5739, tid=140316573566720 # # JRE version: 7.0_25-b30 # Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (23.7-b01 mixed mode linux-amd64 ) # Problematic frame: # C [libsoup-2.4.so.1+0x6ac91]… Read More »

What does Maven Update Project do in Eclipse?

Questions: What does “Maven -> Update Project…” do in Eclipse? Answers: It syncs the Eclipse project settings with that of the pom. If you for example change important plugin settings, such as the output java version, you will find that Eclipse will ask you to update the project and afterwards the configured Java runtime in… Read More »