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The best way to process lists of email addresses

Questions: I have got 3 text files (A, B and C), each with several hundred email addresses. I want to merge list A and list B into a single file, ignoring differences in case and white space. Then I want to remove all emails in the new list that are in list C, again ignoring… Read More »

Inserting Signature into Outlook email from Excel VBA

Questions: I am trying to automate some emails using VBA for Excel. Everything so far is fine, except trying to keep my signature in the email. Once you tell VBA to create a new email, it will already contain your default signature. This can be seen if you try Outmail.Display. However if you overwrite the… Read More »

Scan non default outlook inbox for email?

Questions: I am using the following vba code which checks for any emails with a specific subject heading. The problem is it checks my default outlook inbox folder when I need it to check the inbox of my other email account NewSuppliers@Hewden.co.uk Can someone please show me how I would do this? Thanks in advance… Read More »

Comparing the Dates and Sending an Email

Questions: I want to send an automatic mail if two conditions are met The user input date in Cell (17,2) is > than today’s date in Cell(22,2)‘ When the value in Cell (B3) = “Operation_Support” When the above two conditions are met then I want an automatic mail to shoot up. Can this be done?… Read More »

Remove random linebreak in html Email

Questions: I’ve had a problem for a few days now, and I simply can’t explain why it happens. I’m currently working on sending an HTML email from Excel. Most of it works just fine, but I get these random line-breaks inside some paragraphs. This is my code VBA function: Public Function EmailRapport(ByVal MailTo As String,… Read More »

Sending email with VBA under the same Outlook conversation

Questions: I’m using the basic VBA code to send an email with a copy of my spreadsheet on a daily basis. The email subject is always the same. I want these emails to appear in Outlook as the same conversation, so that they are nested/threaded when using Conversation view. However, these emails always come up… Read More »

Using simplemail in Haskell throws broken pipe error

Questions: I have a Haskell program that I wrote over a year ago and has been running fine until a couple of months ago. What changed? The program builds a series of Excel report files using SpreadsheetML (of which I am a contributor) and emails them as attachments to a list of users. The program… Read More »

Export Outlook 2013 Search Folders emails to Excel

Questions: I would like to export my emails in the Search Folders to Excel. I am using the code below to export my email in the Inbox. But with Search Folders it gives me an error : Run-time error ‘-2147221233 (8004010f) The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found. Sub Download_Outlook_Mail_To_Excel() Dim folders… Read More »