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Executing bat file via Chrome

Questions: How to run a local bat file on a js button click using Chrome browser ? ‘window.open(‘file:///C:/Test/Test.bat’ – Opens the bat file contents in a new tab instead of executing the file. It works fine in IE browser. Please suggest how to achieve this in chrome without using any plugins. Answers:

IONIC 3 filePath (native path) issue in case of PDF or DOC files

Questions: I am trying to choose pdf of doc files using fileChooser plugin of IONIC 3 and I am getting the response like this content://com.coloros.filemanager/file_share/storage/emulated/0/documents/certificatenew.pdf then I am trying to get the native path in android devices using filePath plugin of IONIC 3 but I am getting an error like this column ‘_data’ does not… Read More »

Difference between latest and tilde (~) in npm package.json file?

Questions: Consider I have a package.json file with following two packages { “dependencies”: { “async”: “^2.5.0”, “moment”: “latest” } } When I run “npm install”, a package-lock.json will be created with versions of async and moment fixed. And I expect that running “npm install” again will not change content of package-lock.json (reference), for both the… Read More »

Ways to add javascript files dynamically in a page

Questions: I have seen Scriptaculous.js file to include its required javascript files dynamically. Is there any better approach to include javascript dynamically. For example, I would like to include my js files like, <script src=”single.js?files=first.js,second.js,third.js…”></script> How can I do that in an efficient manner? Answers:

file download with http request in javascript

Questions: I applied this example to add file downloading feature in my project. Path handling and request successfully done and response came properly also. But file download does not happen at all. here is my Java Controller of Spring framework. @Controller @RequestMapping(value = “/download”) public class FileDownloadController { @ResponseBody @RequestMapping(value = “opposingcarroute”, method = RequestMethod.GET)… Read More »