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How can I open an Excel file without locking it?

Questions: I have a process that builds an Excel report, then opens it for the user. The problem is if someone leaves the file open, it stays locked and nobody else can build the report until the first person exits the excel file. Is there a way to open an Excel file without locking it,… Read More »

How to read cell values from existing excel file

Questions: I want to read the each cell value in excel file, But i am not able to get the cell values even after trying different examples in NET. I am not getting result with the following code, can any one get back on this. I am using .net framework 2.0 string filePath = “F:/BulkTest.xlsx”;… Read More »

VBA macro to save excel file using path from cell

Questions: I’m trying to save out a file using a combination of hard line and cell value to determine the file path. In cell A29, I have a formula that outputs this: 2014\January\High Cash 1.7.14 I’m getting an Expected: end of statement error. The code is: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=”S:\IRD\Tamarac\Daily High Cash Reporting\& Range(“A29”).Text & “.xlsx”, FileFormat:=… Read More »

Adding BOM to CSV file using fputcsv

Questions: I have a simple CSV file being generated that includes foreign characters. I’ve noted that if I don’t include a Byte Order Mark that the foreign characters aren’t appearing properly in Excel (but they appear fine when a BOM is present). How can I add a BOM to the beginning of the file when… Read More »

Excel and IE7 – Prevent IE from opening Excel files

Questions: I have a intranet webpage that is used to hyperlink to various files on a file server. The problem with the local-file linking is that Microsoft Excel files are opened in IE7 instead of Excel. This results in the Excel files VBA code and other features from working correctly. Is there a way using… Read More »

Reduce the file size of Excel [closed]

Questions: I’m working in an excel application and providing a menu to the user to add a new worksheet in that excel application (Excel Workbook). The worksheet will be added once the user clicks the “OK” button and I’m using a template to add this worksheet (The template has lot of formatting and formulas in… Read More »

Compare 2 excel files using Python

Questions: I have two xlsx files as follows: value1 value2 value3 0.456 3.456 0.4325436 6.24654 0.235435 6.376546 4.26545 4.264543 7.2564523 and value1 value2 value3 0.456 3.456 0.4325436 6.24654 0.23546 6.376546 4.26545 4.264543 7.2564523 I need to compare all cells, and if a cell from file1 != a cell from file2 print that. import xlrd rb… Read More »

How to repair an excel file?

Questions: I have an excel file which contains 4 worksheets. An outer system sends the excel files daily and my program reads then stores data to db. i have 3 files which may have been corrupted when my program tries to read the files it gives the error “External table is not in the expected… Read More »

Merge many CSV files

Questions: I have set of 500 csv files. Each file has four columns and variable number of rows. I want to merge all of these csv’s into one common sheet. If someone can help me in doing this in PowerShell, it would be great. Sample Data in Excel 1: Name Age Marks Class A 15… Read More »