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SQL add filter only if a variable is not null

Questions: Hi I have query as follows: SELECT route_id [ROUTE_ID] FROM route_master(NOLOCK) WHERE route_ou = 2 AND route_query = @l_s_query AND lang_id = 1 Here, the ” AND route_query = @l_s_query” condition in WHERE clause should be added only when @l_s_query is non empty. I donot want to write IF ELSE condition for @l_s_query. Is… Read More »

Portable Webserver Filter

Questions: I am working on a project that involves modifying (not generating) content as it flows through a webserver, and would like a portable way to do this. For the sake of discretion, let’s say this project automatically minifies the HTML/JS/CSS before it goes out to the client (this is not actually what the project… Read More »

Excel VBA Filtered/Visible Cell

Questions: Suppose I have 10 rows of data. I apply some filter to the data and row numbers 7 and 9 are filtered OR visible. I want to loop through the data (10 Rows) and output the string “Is Visible” in a blank column (suppose Column C), only for the Visible rows (i.e. Range C7… Read More »

Redirect From Action Filter Attribute

Questions: What is the best way to do a redirect in an ActionFilterAttribute. I have an ActionFilterAttribute called IsAuthenticatedAttributeFilter and that checked the value of a session variable. If the variable is false, I want the application to redirect to the login page. I would prefer to redirect using the route name SystemLogin however any… Read More »