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Filter non contains list

Questions: I’ve trouble with my code. I retrieve data (id) from iput and database, and I try to verify if database ids exist into input list of id. At the end I just wanna retrieve list of ids db which don’t match with input id list List<Member> people = (List<Member>) members.stream().map(a->a.persons); //Retrieve input peopleId List<BigInteger>… Read More »

Lucene Filter String with StopWordFilter

Questions: I’m trying to use the StopWordFilter of Lucene for a String. I tried using the normalize(String, String) method with a StandardAnalyzer, but this did not filter the stop words as the StandardAnalyzer class does NOT @Override normalize(String, String) of the extended Analyzer class. import org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; public class testClass { private static StandardAnalyzer standardAnalyzer; public… Read More »

Jtable RowFilter in java can not filter when enter String that contain arithmatic operators like “masad+as”

Questions: //private void fillter(String text,int index){ // TableRowSorter sorter = new TableRowSorter(model); //table.setRowSorter(sorter); //sorter.setRowFilter(RowFilter.regexFilter(text,index)); //} This is my code that can filter jtable row. But if i enter String like “Asad+a45” then it can not filter after the plus operator. i use jtext field with key listner. when key is relesed then this function is… Read More »

Parallelising Java 8 Stream.filter()?

Questions: I’m making a music conversion program to automate a lot of trivial conversions and convert large libraries of music to various form of .opus files. (Things like bitrate modification for mobile devices, and automatic generation of metadata). I have an issue with a particular stream (Containing all the Paths of the music files (This… Read More »

library photofilter android

Questions: I’m using the photofilter library and I enter image description herewant to use the WaterMark filter but for it to work I need to write a parameter that is the location which asks me for an entire value and tries to put numbers and I keep coming out error I hope your help and… Read More »

how to filter custom ListView in android

Questions: Added Filterable Interface but it just refresh the ListView but not filter listView Item There are many solutions provided to this question, but I am not getting exactly where I am going wrong. I have a custom adapter, and I want to filter its item ListAdapter.class class ListAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<DataModel> implements View.OnClickListener, Filterable{ private… Read More »