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Getting a specific category of data from firebase

Questions: I would like to categorize data in a Firebase realtime database and then select them by category to be displayed in different sections of my android views but I don’t know where to start. I am new to Firebase all I know is how to pull data, push to Firebase db and display all… Read More »

Firebase with Room persistance library

Questions: I was thinking about fetching data from Firebase and storing it on my phone using room library. But, I have a doubt in my mind. I want to use Firebase ChildEventListener because I want to fetch data only when a child is changed or added. But, I also know that ChildEventListener fetches all data… Read More »

Async firebase db not updating class member variables

Questions: MyApplication purpose: Activity class that 1) Reads firebase db, 2) Updates class member variables based on data what was read from firebase db, 3) Evaluate credentials based on class member variables that were updated from the values inside the firebase db public MyApplication extends AppCompatActivity implements FireBaseDataListener{ private static int N; /* number of… Read More »

Firebase together with sqlite [on hold]

Questions: I have an app (field data collection) where I used the sign in option and authentication with firebase. All the other database the default option is to store data as a local SQLite database, however, I want to add the option if the user wants to sign in and transfer the local database to an… Read More »

How to re-specify credentials for nodemailer for firebase cloud functions for a published google play store app?

Questions: Screenshot of Firebase Cloud Functions Console Log I have an app published on the Google Play store, which I built while learning android/firebase. I was a total newbie. I added cloud functions that performed tasks like sending welcome emails to new users. However, while deploying the cloud functions/app, I was asked my gmail e-mail… Read More »