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gitweb and per project http authentication

Questions: I have successfully set up gitweb on an apache vHost accessable for all authenticated users. The server itself provides several git repositories via https and has per user/group access to those projects. For example test1.git is only readable/writable by group test1 and test2.git is only readable/writable by group test2. Now I also want only… Read More »

Eclipse + Git – what does “staged” mean?

Questions: After working for some time with SVN I decided to try git with my new django project and installed the plugin for it into eclipse. I made a new pydev project and added django initial project files to the src directory. Then I “shared” the project to Git, added and commited all files. Now… Read More »

How can you unstash changes using EGit?

Questions: When I switch branch with non-committed changes I’m given a prompt to stash my changes: When I switch back to the branch with the stashed changes I can’t see any of the non-committed changes. Using EGit how can I retrieve the stashed changes? Answers: EGit 3.5 and later In EGit 3.5 and later, there… Read More »

Why does destroy method 'close' fail for JPAPagingItemReader configured with Java config?

Questions: We are trying to convert our Spring-Batch jobs from XML configuration to Java configuration. We are using Spring 4.0.1.RELEASE and Spring Batch 2.2.1.RELEASE. After converting one job, the following warning started to appear in the log file: 15-Apr-2014 09:59:26.335 [Thread-2] WARN o.s.b.f.s.DisposableBeanAdapter – Invocation of destroy method ‘close’ failed on bean with name ‘fileReader’:… Read More »

Configuring diff tool with .gitconfig?

Questions: How do I configure git to use a different tool for diffing with the .gitconfig file. I have this in my .gitconfig: [diff] tool = git-chdiff #also tried /bin/git-chdiff and it does not work, it just open the regular command line diff. When I do export GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF=git-chdiff then git diff will open up the… Read More »

Git hook to send email notification on repo changes

Questions: How do I configure the appropriate Git hook to send a summary email whenever a set of changes is pushed to the upstream repository? Answers: Another, more modern way to do this is with git-multimail, as suggested by Chords below. This is how you did it in 2009. You could add something like this… Read More »

Visual Studio 2013 git, only Master branch listed

Questions: I’m using Visual Studio 2013’s Git support to work on a private GitHub repository. I have permission to commit to it. I want to switch branches, but when I go to the Branches view, the only branch in any of the lists (branch drop-down, published branches, merge tool) is master. Other branches show up… Read More »

Install specific git commit with pip

Questions: I’m developing a django app and I’m using pip to manage my requirements. How can I do to install a specific git’s commit? In my case I need to install this commit: https://github.com/aladagemre/django-notification/commit/2927346f4c513a217ac8ad076e494dd1adbf70e1 Answers: You can specify commit hash, branch name, tag. For the branch name and the tag, you can also install a… Read More »