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Importing Java classes into Groovy template (Play framework 1.x)

Questions: Is it possible to import Java classes into a Groovy template while using Play framework to avoid using fully qualified paths? Current: <div> *{ Loop through enum values.}* #{list items:package1.package2.package3.SampleEnum.values, as:’enumValue’} … #{/list} </div> Desired: %{ import package1.package2.package3.SampleEnum }% <div> *{ Loop through enum values.}* #{list items:SampleEnum.values, as:’enumValue’} … #{/list} </div> Answers:

Moving datastores between Models in ODI 12c using Groovy

Questions: I want to move datastores that belongs in one Model to another Model. I have come to understand that whatever that can be done in ODI GUI, can also be done through using Java api reference for Oracle data integrator. However, i can’t seem to find any methods or classes that enables me to… Read More »

Automating Jenkins configuration with Groovy – Intellij IDEA

Questions: I am trying to create some scripts for automating the configuration of Jenkins, e.g. setting the security, setting plugin configuration values. I am working in Intellij IDEA and using this Jenkins Javadoc for reference. However, when I do import it into my script Intellij doesn’t offer code auto completion or class and method reference.… Read More »

Groovy Byte Array Being Implicitly Cast To ArrayList

Questions: My error: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: static test.getLittleEndianSize() is applicable for argument types: (ArrayList) values: [[-128, 0, 0, 0]] I strictly use byte arrays and never use a def / List anywhere so this is really throwing me off. Any ideas why this happens? As far as I know groovy doesn’t redefine primitives… Read More »