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Best GWT widget library? [closed]

Questions: Question for all the GWT gurus out there – which is the best GWT widgets library out there? And why? List based on the answers: Default Sencha GXT Smart GWT Vaadin GWT-Bootstrap GwtBootstrap3 Rocket GWT (inactive) Tatami (inactive) ErraiFramework GWTMaterialDesign И наконец- новое поколение основанное на JsInterop: GWT + Polymer Elements GWT + Polymer… Read More »

“Servlet” (server-side) initialization code in GWT

Questions: How can I have a single time initialization on a server side of GWT app? I may be thinking to much like HttpServlet where you can override init(), but old habits are long to lose 😉 What I am trying to do is: load a bunch of properties establish a connection to the database… Read More »

question on GWT, Cookies and webpage directing

Questions: i am using gwt to create a website. this question is regarding a login page and cookies to save login details. GWT allows you to create a website within a single webpage. my application runs on one webpage. i have the application set up as , there is a login box with a login… Read More »

How to use the GWT EventBus

Questions: I am not yet familiar with GWT and wonder myself how to use the EventBus or if there are some better solutions to send an Event through the project. Widget 1 has a Button. Widget 2 has a Label, that should change when I press the button. These widgets are in a DockLayout: RootLayoutPanel… Read More »

GWT: Timer and Scheduler Classes

Questions: Possible Duplicate: Using the GWT Scheduler I have read this page over several times, and am just not seeing some of the inherent differences between GWT’s Timer and Scheduler classes. I’m looking for the use cases and applicability of each of the following: Timer, Timer::schedule and Timer::scheduleRepeating Scheduler::scheduleDeferred Scheduler::scheduleIncremental IncrementalCommand DeferredCommand These all appear… Read More »

Cache in GWT app/widget with HTML5 localStorage

Questions: I am trying to incorporate a data cache for one of my GWT widgets. I have a datasource interface/class which retrieves some data from my backend via RequestBuilder and JSON. Because I display the widget multiple times I only want to retrieve the data once. So I tried to come with an app cache.… Read More »

GWT client-side HTML5 database storage (Web SQL Database)

Questions: I wonder if there is an API for using Database Storage in GWT 2.x or I should use native code like this instead? var database = openDatabase(“Database Name”, “Database Version”); database.executeSql(“SELECT * FROM test”, function(result1) { // do something with the results database.executeSql(“DROP TABLE test”, function(result2) { // do some more stuff alert(“My second… Read More »

Add a widget (button) to HTML5 canvas in GWT

Questions: In smartGWT it is possible to add another widget (seems to use an interface) to an HTML5-canvas, as you can see in this example. Now I’m trying to figure out, if this is possible in (raw) GWT2.4 too. Has anybody of you a working example using GWT without any additional projects (like smartGWT, gwtExt,… Read More »

javascript/gwt: converting Uint8Array or ArrayBuffer to ImageData element

Questions: I want to take an ArrayBuffer or Uint8Array element and convert them to ImageData element, and eventually to Canvas element. Is it possible? Answers: It would go something like this in pure javascript: var c=document.getElementById(“myCanvas”); var ctx=c.getContext(“2d”); var imgData = ctx.createImageData(100,100); var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(4*100*100); var ubuf = new Uint8Array(buffer); for (var i=0;i… Read More »