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How to output MD5 hashed password in plain text?

Questions: I have passwords for members on a site encrypted using MD5 and stored in the database. I want to implement a lost password functionality where the user will be emailed their credentials if they forget them. But how to output the unencrypted password or is it one way encryption and hence impossible? Answers:

php password_verify() hash and pass won't match

Questions: I store my passwords in my database hashed with password_hash(), and I am trying to verify the passwords on login with password_verify(). For some reason password_verify() keeps returning false. I read the documentation on this function and it said to make sure that the hash used in the function is between single quotes ‘… Read More »

Load Data Local Infile with Hash and Date Using Set

Questions: I am at wits end on this. I have researched this to death and cannot seem to resolve. I have the following PHP statement: $sqlstatement=”LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘$temp’ INTO TABLE contacts FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘,’ LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\r’ IGNORE 1 LINES (@ignore, @ID, @Name, @Email, @Type, @Hash, @Time) SET Date_Update=date(‘Y-m-d’) “; My… Read More »

Php to get value of hash from URL

Questions: How can I get a variable of a hash in php. I have a variable on page like this catalog.php#album=2song=1 How can i get the album and song values and put them into PHP variables? Answers:

PHP & MYSQL: using bcrypt hash and verifying password with database

Questions: I’m using Mr. Andrew Moore’s method (How do you use bcrypt for hashing passwords in PHP?) of hashing user’s password. What I did is I have a registration page and it uses $bcrypt = new Bcrypt(12); $pass = $_POST[‘password’]; //register password field $hash= $bcrypt->hash($pass); // then inserts $hash into database with users registered email… Read More »

Can you help me to understand salt hashing function?

Questions: I am going through various password hashing techniques and I found a tutorial which left me a bit dubious about some points. In particular, I just would like if you could reconfirm/explain a few things.For example i found the following function. Now if I understand well what this is doing, it’s generating a salt… Read More »

retrieve the hash in the url with php?

Questions: someone here in SO told me that the hash (#) in the url could be retrieved by php function parse_url? is this true? my web site got a lot of ajax effects and i want to be able to pass an url with a hash to the index.php so it could display the information… Read More »

DefaultPasswordHasher generating different hash for the same value

Questions: I have a password stored at database hashed with DefaultPasswordHasher at add action. I have another action for change the password for the loggedin user, on this form I have a field called current_password that I need compare with the current password value from database. The issue is that DefaultPasswordHasher is generating a different… Read More »