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MAMP Pro 2.2 not reading httpd.conf changes

Questions: I’m using MAMP Pro Version 2.2. When I make changes the my httpd.conf file, those changes are not reflected in the httpd.conf file generated by MAMP PRO when I restart its servers. Through Terminal, I’ve confirmed that the httpd.conf file MAMP PRO is reading from is /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf. When I make changes to that file,… Read More »

apache2 – https redirection to http for a given page

Questions: I have a specific problem about the redirection of HTTPS to HTTP for several pages. I have Apache2 in front of Zope. Here’s the configuration of my VirtualHost on port 80 : <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin root@website.com ServerName website.com ServerAlias www.website.com <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # www to non www RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.(.*) [NC] RewriteRule… Read More »

file_get_contents 1 minute timeout for https?

Questions: I’m having difficulty with PHP’s file_get_contents hanging for 60s when accessing certain resources over https. I’m not sure whether it’s a client or server end issue. On the client Working on the command line: $ URL=”https://example.com/some/path” $ wget “$URL” -O /dev/null -q # takes a few milliseconds $ curl “$URL” >/dev/null # takes a… Read More »


Questions: I wrote a simple check in django which requires an access token to be passed along in some requests (I’m using a decorator). authorization = request.META.get(‘HTTP_AUTHORIZATION’, None) # Forbid access when no access token, or an invalid one, is provided form = AccessTokenForm({ ‘access_token’: authorization }) if not form.is_valid(): raise exceptions.HttpDeniedException() This has been… Read More »

Apache httpd: How to trust specific client certificates?

Questions: How can I configure the Apache httpd to trust specific client certificates? We need to restrict the access to a webservice to a specific (known) partner’s servers. We planned to use an CA-based solution for this (a trusted CA which would only sign trustworthy CSRs as we accepted them); however, our company’s CA will… Read More »

How to remove the application name in URL? tomcat + httpd

Questions: everyone I made a web application by Apache Click Framework, and just throwed it into tomcat behind httpd. (assume my domain name is www.domain.com.) So I can access my app by the URL: www.myDomain.com/myApp/pages/login.htm My questions is, how to remove the “myApp” part in this url by configuration in httpd or tomcat? because my… Read More »

gitweb and per project http authentication

Questions: I have successfully set up gitweb on an apache vHost accessable for all authenticated users. The server itself provides several git repositories via https and has per user/group access to those projects. For example test1.git is only readable/writable by group test1 and test2.git is only readable/writable by group test2. Now I also want only… Read More »

Undefined symbols “_TLSv1_1_client_method” for x86_64 when compiling httpd on Mac os 10.8

Questions: The detail error message is below. $ ./configure $ make then … /usr/share/apr-1/build-1/libtool –silent –mode=link /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/OSX10.8.xctoolchain/usr/bin/cc -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread \ -o ab ab.lo -L/usr/lib -R/usr/lib -laprutil-1 -lexpat -liconv -lsqlite3 -lldap -llber -llber -L/usr/lib -R/usr/lib -lapr-1 -lpthread Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: “_TLSv1_1_client_method”, referenced from: _main in ab.o “_TLSv1_2_client_method”, referenced from: _main in ab.o ld:… Read More »