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Draw multipolygons on image in JavaScript

Questions: Have experience in back but unfortunately weak front, what is the best way (or library) to draw multipolygon on image in JS. Found this solutiont https://gitlab.com/fahrenheit/community/jquery-canvas-area-draw (more nearest for my task) but dont know how to draw multiple polygons. May be there are more useful and extended desisions for this (like FabricJS, TwoJS)? Anyone… Read More »

Reset image cropper modal on close problems

Questions: After clicking the file upload input and selecting an image to crop the picked image will appear in a reusable modal with the croppie image cropper. No problems there. The problem comes when I close the modal and destroy the instance of croppie. I essentially want to be able to close the modal, click… Read More »

Extract data from base64 image

Questions: I have a Javascript code that creates a base64 image, but now I want to extract the image data from that base64 image. How do I do it? You can see the script live here. Javascript: function createBadge(img) { var c = document.createElement(“canvas”); var ctx = c.getContext(“2d”); c.width = img.width; c.height = img.height; var… Read More »

How to add a marker on an image uploaded by user?

Questions: I’m trying to build a website where user can upload an image and interact with the tools that given. However I cannot do what i want exactly. I want to add a marker on the image but the thing I did (searched and found) adds the marker all around the body part of the… Read More »

React-bootstrap thumbnail without image

Questions: I using the component Thumbnail in react bootstrap, this component has an image in the top and other preferred components in the bottom. I use this component in a “gallery” of images update by user. What I want to do is use this component but when the image is uploading show the progress bar… Read More »

How to get RGBA from image Appcelerator android

Questions: I’m trying to access to RGBA’s pixels of a local image. I’m developing with Appcelerator Alloy and using Hyperloop and this is my code. var myUri = Uri.parse(result.media.nativePath.toString()); var imgBitmapFactory = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(myUri.getPath()); var width = imgBitmapFactory.getWidth(); var height = imgBitmapFactory.getHeight(); var pixelsArray = [], pixel = 0; for (var x = 0; x <… Read More »

Vue: Binding background-image style not working

Questions: In my data I have a variable called image that holds the url of my image like so: (This is the correct url as it works when I bind an image src to img tags) data () { return { image: “../../assets/img/hk.jpg” } } I then have this: <div class=”container” v-bind:style=”{ ‘background-image’: ‘url(‘ +… Read More »