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LocationService ionic google-maps object failing for ios, but works in android

Questions: I have found on android that using geolocation from Google Maps JavaScript API and from the Ionic Framework has caused issues of being very slow or not working at all. I then found a second geolocation module for Ionic called LocationService, from this documentation: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native-google-maps/blob/master/documents/locationservice/README.md. The issue that I am having is although this… Read More »

How to render the unicodes from IOS in js?

Questions: I have a string like this “\243$\u20ac#%^*+~<>\u2022\u2019″ this is the Unicode I’m getting from iOS. How I can render this as Unicode in js. please help me. I’m trying in below way. But, it is not working emojiString = function (s) { try { s = s.replace(/[\u200b\u200c\u200d\ufeff]/g,””); var EmojiString = JSON.parse(‘{“message”:”‘+s.replace(/\”/g, ‘\\”‘)+'”}’); return EmojiString.message;… Read More »

Ionic InAppBrowser PDF iOS no back Button

Questions: I created an app in Visual Studio Code using Cordiva, Ionic and Angular. I can request some json files from my server and in this json is amongst other things a pdf-file in base64 format. to show the pdf i got the InAppBrowser plugin and to display the pdf i use this code: Constructor:… Read More »

Not working on cancellation of POST in Axios

Questions: The code is not working after the cancellation of POST in Axios. Can you tell me, what is wrong? var CancelToken = axios.CancelToken; var source = CancelToken.source(); axios .post( “http://api.image-service/upload”, data, { headers: { “Content-Type”: “multipart/form-data” } }, { cancelToken: source.token } ) .then(response => { if (response.data.StatusCode == 1) { console.log(“Retry”, response.data); }… Read More »

Delete request with axios – React

Questions: I’m trying to create small app based on Json server package which will help me to remember movies I want to watch when I have free time, want to learn React and Axios so I’m doing it with these technologies , Idea is when I click on add movie button – movie will be… Read More »

React Native InputAccessoryView not working on iOS 11

Questions: I have a simple InputAccessoryView of TouchableOpacities to navigate a gradebook table of TextInputs as pictured here. However, this InputAccessoryView does not respond to touch whatsoever. After some research, it appears that InputAccessoryViews are broken on iOS 11 without a workaround, but does this workaround exist in react native, and if not, is there… Read More »