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iOS MDM push notification using Php, not working

Questions: i know it’s duplicate of this, but this one is not working for me. My Php code to send notification is // Put your device token here (without spaces): $deviceToken = ‘6hPQc2HvdA20XGlQkznJxlappCrzm3kJccljjOsgF2k=\n’; #base64 encoded // Put your private key’s passphrase here: $passphrase = ‘Temp1234’; $ctx = stream_context_create(); stream_context_set_option($ctx, ‘ssl’, ‘local_cert’, ‘./Certificates_push_dev_new.pem’); stream_context_set_option($ctx, ‘ssl’, ‘cafile’,… Read More »

iOS push notification does not work when using crontab scheduler

Questions: I have implemented a sample push notification service for my App. Right now I test in a sandbox environment. I get notifications when I manually call the PHP script to push notifications through APN. When I write a scheduler using crontab to automate the delivery of notifications I dont get the notifications. The error… Read More »

stringByEvaluatingJavascriptFromString (iOS method, what is Android equivalent?)

Questions: In an iOS app, I used stringFromJavaScript = [webView stringByEvaluatingJavascriptFromString:@”document.getElementById(\”image\”).getAttribute(\”src”)”]; To get the src directory of the image that was being displayed on the webView. I want to do the same for Android. What are my options? Basically the intent is to capture the path so that I can email this same picture… ie.… Read More »

AESCrypt decryption between iOS and PHP

Questions: I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to decrypt a string encrypted with the NSData+AESCrypt.m (Explained here) I have been looking at a handful of other threads, but I only need the iDevice to send a string to a PHP file encrypted, and then it gets decrypted inside PHP (where… Read More »

iOS7 – receipts not validating at sandbox – error 21002 (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException)

Questions: I’m converting an app from iOS6 to iOS7. Before I used the deprecated transactionReceipt method so now I’m trying the recommended methods to retrieve the receipt, and then encode in base 64: NSData *working = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[[NSBundle mainBundle] appStoreReceiptURL]]; // Tried 64 or 76 chars/line and LF or CR line endings NSString *receipt =… Read More »

how can I set a max value on my html5 date input so that it could be recognized by safari for iOS?

Questions: The title is pretty clear I guess? Here’s my date input : <input type=”date” id=”birthdate” name=”birthdate” value=”” max=”1993-12-07″ required/> In chrome, I cannot enter a date superior to 1993-12-07 using the little arrows of the field (but if I write the date myself I can). In safari for iOS, focusing that field just brings… Read More »

Canvas.toDataURL not working on mobile Safari iOS?

Questions: I tried the following. I created an <img> from an svg image. Then I draw it on a canvas and finally I exported it as PNG and set the resulting PNG as a new <img>. It works well on Android, Chrome, Safari, FireFox. But, canvas.toDataUrl() is not working on mobile Safari on iOS. It… Read More »