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Getting Double PushNotification using gcm (Andriod) and ios (apn) for single request

Questions: I am getting double notification. For Andriod I am using gcm and for iOS apn. But when I am checking logs its gives success response for 1. Below is the success response which I am getting: {“multicast_id”:6917793905749047000,”success”:1,”failure”:0,”canonical_ids”:0,”results”:[{“message_id”:”0:1531893289157744%f5ad8b93f9fd7ecd”}]} Here is the code written for notification: var sender = new gcm.Sender(rows[0].sender_key); logger.info(‘Sender details :’+ sender) var… Read More »

when i am parsing the html with android studios with jsoup my app finish automatically

Questions: i am new using android studios i was following this tutorial but when i run the app this finish when i try to connect to internet without give a clear error. here are my 2 activitys: this is MainActivity.java: package com.example.rauldelrio.myapplication; import android.support.design.widget.TextInputLayout; import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View; import android.widget.Button; import android.widget.TextView; import… Read More »

Can't scroll Fixed Navbar Dropdown on IOS

Questions: On iPhones, when we open our dropdown menu from the navbar we are unable to scroll down to see the remaining links on the menu. We have used JavaScript and CSS to lock the body when the dropdown menu is opened (See Below). Our Website //In Global JavaScript jQuery( function($) { $( “.x-btn-navbar” ).on(‘click’,… Read More »

Request not returning any data in react-native and axios

Questions: I am using axios with react-native and I have POST request where I pass some data. Here is the code: export function addPost(post){ console.log(post); const request = axios({ method:”POST”, url:`${REGISTER_LUKA}`, data:post }).then( response => { console.log(“—–DATA——“) console.log(response.data) return response.data } ) return { type:’ADD_POST’, payload:request } } Now when I do the first console.log(post)… Read More »

iOS style input field

Questions: So I’d like to create an input field like the iOS one to input a numeric verification code with 6 characters. You can find an example right below (please have a look at the highlighted green one). What is really important to me is that there is a bigger gap between the first 3… Read More »

PHP Session Cookie unset on IOS Safari force-close?

Questions: When I set my PHP Session cookie with the below syntax: setcookie(‘rememberme’, $cookie, time()+7500, ‘/’); It works just fine in the browsers I tested (Chrome and Firefox), but when I login to my site on IOS Safari, then double tap my home button and swipe up on the app, then go back into safari… Read More »