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inapp browser is not working on iphone s6

Questions: I have used the following code to open the link const browser = this.iab.create(this.buttonAttr,’_self’,{ hardwareback:’yes’,hideurlbar:’yes’}); browser.show(); //Events: loadstart, loadstop, loaderror, exit browser.on(‘exit’).subscribe(() => { //Do whatever here }, err => { console.log(err); }); its working good on android. Please guide me to fix this issue. Answers:

Setting SplitViewController's Preferred Display Mode not working on Iphone

Questions: I’ve designed a Master-Detail app on IPad that’s been working just fine for me using Xamarin.IOS. When the user selects an option in the Master Page, I hide it using SplitViewController.PreferredDisplayMode = UISplitViewControllerDisplayMode.PrimaryHidden; so that the user doesnt have to manually close the menu every time they select an item. On my IPad, this… Read More »

how to create iPhone Lockscreen Style for Android [on hold]

Questions: I want to create an app like this one: https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/iphone-lockscreen-style-for-android/ Called: iPhone Lockscreen Style for Android It is an android locksscreen for Android with iPhone style. Any help on how can I change the lockscreen picture with java code? Thank you. Answers:

@Media query not working in iphone

Questions: The codes which I have used acts fancy in iphone safari browser and iphone’s chrome browser but if I resize the desktop browser to a smaller size, it works perfectly. The main purpose of using this code is to make the table responsive. If you can suggest any better way for the same, I… Read More »

Prevent Iframe zoom on iphone

Questions: While trying to zoom the svg inside the iframe in iphone,parent window is getting zoom How can we prevent zooming the parent window I have used user scalable meta tags in the parent window <meta name=”viewport” content=”initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no” /> Still Parent window is getting zoom. Answers: