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How to retrieve object state from serialized Java objects without class file(s)

Questions: I have a binary file that contains Java Serialized objects (which are value objects), but I do not have access to the Class that was serialized to create those objects. Without the class file, JVM does not allow me to read the objects with objectInputStreamInstance.readObject() and rightfully throws the java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. Is there a library… Read More »

Scraping javascript website

Questions: I’m able to scrape data off of basic html pages, but I’m having trouble scraping off the site below. It looks like the data is presented via javascript, and I’m not sure how to approach that issue. I’d prefer to use R to scrape, if possible, but could also use Python. Any ideas/suggestions? Edit:… Read More »

Java XML processing entity problem?

Questions: I get the following error when I try to run my java program(it’s supposed to read an xml file and print out some of the content). From what I understand there is an unreferenced entity which is not part of the xml standard so my question is; how can I fix this problem? Thanks,… Read More »

Unable to edit xml files but can edit .java?

Questions: Hi I have a strange problem. I’m working on an existing project which I have imported into eclipse. I can view all files. There are no errors being indicated. I can run the project and it will show on the emulator. When I attempt to change the code in the xml file, in fact,… Read More »

How to Merge two XMLs in Java

Questions: I am trying to merge two xmls in Java. I am using STaX API to write these XMLs. I searched a lot on internet on how to merge xmls but none seems as straight forward as C#. Is there any straight-forward way of doing this in Java using StAX? Probably xslt would not be… Read More »

How to add special characters like & > in XML file using JavaScript

Questions: I am generating XML using Javascript. It works fine if there are no special characters in the XML. Otherwise, it will generate this message: “invalid xml”. I tried to replace some special characters, like: xmlData=xmlData.replaceAll(“>”,”&gt;”); xmlData=xmlData.replaceAll(“&”,”&amp;”); //but it doesn’t work. For example: <category label=’ARR Builders & Developers’> Thanks. Answers: Consider generating the XML using… Read More »