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Excel “Join” Function

Questions: I need to combine rows from two Excel worksheets into one long row, based on an ID column in each of the worksheets. Effectively I want to perform the equivilent of a SQL JOIN on two worksheets to produce a combined worksheet. I can get a Range object for a row in the first… Read More »

VBA Join equivalent for Collections

Questions: How do I join a collection in VBA. In VB.net I usually join arrays using Join(…, “delimiter), but I cant figure out how to do this using collection in VBA. Dim oColl As New Collection Dim r As Range Set r = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“Work1”).Range(“D13:D263”) For Each cell In r If IsEmpty(cell) Then Else oColl.Add (“a… Read More »

join two identical table structures with different data

Questions: Edit: After attempting the COALESCE method, I’m now seeing an issue where the data is repeating itself with the same data for each wattage category. Column 2 is wattage. I’ve created two temp tables, both with the exact same table structure. In these tables, there are multiple columns that could have the same values,… Read More »

Inner Join BETWEEN two values

Questions: I’m currently trying to populate my fact table and I’m having trouble populating the required time ID’s. The time dimension is fully populated and complete. Basically in the time dimension each row is a 15 minute period. The fact table is populating details about calls. And in a staging call table I have the… Read More »

joining across multiple fact tables with a dimension in between

Questions: What’s a good approach to data warehouse design if requested reports require summarized information about the same dimensions (and at the same granularity) but the underlying data is stored in separate fact tables? For example, a report showing total salary paid and total expenses reported for each employee for each year, when salary and… Read More »

Why is subquery and join so slow

Questions: I need to select rows from BUNDLES table which have one of several SAP_STATE_ID values. Those values depends on whether respective SAP status is supposed to be exported or not. This query runs really fast (there is index on SAP_STATE_ID field) – SELECT b.* FROM BUNDLES b WHERE b.SAP_STATE_ID IN (2,3,5,6) But… I’d like… Read More »