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PHP & JQuery Adding Dynamic Inputs

Questions: I’m using Jquery in order to add dynamic inputs on my page. I only want to display one input initially, then more can be added by clicking a button. This works as expected. I’m then using PHP in order to catch the $_POST values of the inputs and send them to an external script.… Read More »

update text area using jquery

Questions: I am trying to update data using jquery but it fails in case of textarea having enter in it, which is represented by \r\n in mysql. my code for update function is. <td><i class=”fa fa-edit” onclick=”upd(‘<?php echo $fetch_news [‘title’]; ?>’, ‘<?php echo $fetch_news [‘detail’]; ?>’, ‘<?php echo $fetch_news [‘date’]; ?>’, ‘<?php echo $fetch_news [‘id’];… Read More »

Need some references / advice about directory structure of spring boot application with ajax and jquery using gradle [on hold]

Questions: I have a gradle java project which has spring-boot MVC framework with thymeleaf template embedded in html, css, javascript files. I want to integrate ajax calls with jquery with this application to create another web page that should asynchronously interact with java program (MVC controller) to exchange data that should be displayed on the… Read More »

value comes only when alert is given inside jquery

Questions: Here am getting result only when alert is given inside the jquery and not getting if alert is removed.in another condition if alert is not given the first selected option value is not getting and if i choose the second option the result is getting and am stuck with this Here is my view… Read More »

Live Username Availability Check using PHP, jQuery and AJAX

Questions: I’m trying a Live Username Availability Check using PHP, jQuery and AJAX but it’s not displaying anything in the username error span . This is my html code : <form method=post> <input type=”text” name=”username” id=”username” onBlur=”checkAvailability()”><span id=”checkav”></span> </form> This is my js code : function checkAvailability() { jQuery.ajax({ url: “check_availability.php”, data:’username=’+$(“#username”).val(), type: “POST”, success:function(data){… Read More »

Clayfy Jquery Plugin and click area don´t works

Questions: I´m using Clayfy Jquery Plugin, as alternative to jquery UI, and works very good, the problem it´s when you have clickable area inside the resize or drag area, this clickable areas don´t works when you click over, i read many about this and search solutions but i can´t find solution for this problem example… Read More »