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Can you use JQuery to transfrom XML to XML via XSLT

Questions: I have a website that has links to documents that are dynamically populated based on the document type and all the data is located in one central xml file. I wanted have JQuery pass a parameter to the style sheet, the style sheet segregate out the the nodes using xpath based on the passed… Read More »

How can I implement jQuery DataTables plugin using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server side processing?

Questions: How can I implement jQuery DataTables plugin using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server side processing with ajax and webservices? Would like to implement a Datatables grid using c# and ASP.NET, but it is difficult to find a working example. Answers: This version is for older SqlServer, For newer version ,try the other one. This technique… Read More »

Chained jQuery promises with abort

Questions: I’m currently writing API code which, several layers deep, wraps $.ajax() calls. One requirement is that the user must be able to cancel any request (if it’s taking too long, for example). Normally this is accomplished via something simple, like: var jqXHR = $.ajax(..); $(mycancelitem).click(function () { jqXHR.abort(); }); However my code looks more… Read More »

jQuery AJAX timeout undefined

Questions: I was trying out example jQuery examples and to my surprise, I got an error state for an AJAX call mentioning that timeout isn’t defined. When I removed timeout attribute, it worked fine. I downloaded jQuery few days back, so I am pretty sure it’s not a version problem. I was trying with Firefox(3.6.8)… Read More »

Understanding jQuery AJAX events – success and ajaxSuccess

Questions: Need some help understanding the difference between the success and ajaxSuccess events documented here. success is a local event, while ajaxSuccess is a global event. I understand the difference between a local and global variable, but am having some trouble understanding the concept of event scope. What are some sample scenarios where one would… Read More »

jQuery append params to url

Questions: I like the way jQuery’s $.ajax() method allows to specify request url: { url: ‘http://domain.com/?param=1’, data{ param2: ‘2’ } } $.ajax() method will (probably) call $.param() on provided data and optionally append it to provided URL. My question is: is this type of url manipulation available outside of $.ajax() call? For example, I want… Read More »

JQuery AJAX Header Authorization POST

Questions: I have to send XML to the server with Authorization header and it MUST be POST. Now I have two options. When I use dataType = ‘jsonp’ it always becomes GET instead of POST. Also my data is must be XML. var request = {}; request.type = ‘POST’; request.contentType = ‘application/jsonp; charset=utf-8’; request.dataType =… Read More »

How can I upload a file + form data with blueimp's JQuery File Upload using Ajax, not just POST?

Questions: I have a form: <div class=”row-fluid”> <div class=”span5 row-fluid” id=”description” style=”margin-left:0px;”> <div> <label>Title</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Title” id=”description_title” name=”description_title”/> <label>Author</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Author” id=”description_author” name=”description_author”/> <label>Tags</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Tags” id=”description_tags” name=”description_tags”/> <label>Description</label> <textarea class=”span12″ id=”description_textarea” name=”description_textarea” rows=”5″ style=”resize:none”></textarea> <div id=”buttons” class=”row-fluid” style=”margin-top: 5px”> <div class=”span12″> <span class=”span5 btn btn-primary btn-file” id=”chose_files_btn” onclick=”filechose_button.click()”>chose… Read More »

jQuery ajax image upload

Questions: as the title describes i would like to create an image upload with ajax with jQuery. As far as I know right now, there is no image ajax uploading. Workarounds are iframes and flash. Since i don’t like flash, i’m fine with the iframe hack, i hope. Like they do it here: http://tinyw.in/UNnp I… Read More »