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How to submit multiple objects in JSON data as request body in Apache CXF jax-rs (REST)

Questions: I am using Apache-CXF for creating REST web services and trying to do an on a name in the db. Server: This is my method, which is expected to get json data. @PUT @Path(“/name/”) @Consumes(“multipart/mixed”) @Produces(“application/json”) public NameTO updateName(@Multipart (value = “accountIdentifier”, type = “application/json”)AccountIdentifier accountIdentifier, @Multipart (value = “name”, type = “application/json”)NameTO nameTO)… Read More »

Passing JSON error responses via HTTPD

Questions: The team I work with is creating an API interface for their application in order to expose data to a website that requires it. They are sending requests and responses in JSON format but are currently stymied on the following issue. They have written their API to respond to an request that is missing… Read More »

restful webservice with xml or json as parameter

Questions: I have a simple question the answer to which I have been trying to find out over the restricted internet connection in my office but to no avail. 1) How to create a restful web service in java preferably using netbeans that accepts xml and/or json as the parameter and how do I process… Read More »

Json.net: Can JObject.SelectToken do the same thing the XPath can do? If yes what are the syntax?

Questions: The answer to the query posted in 2009 was to use a new feature JObject.SelectToken which is supposed to deliver XPath like functionality. I am now using JSON.NET 4.5 R11 and SelectToken method is available. But I could not find much documentation (basically syntax) regarding the path string to be passed to SelectToken function.… Read More »

Copying AJAX JSON object into existing Object

Questions: I have several Javascript prototypes. Initially, instances will have only ID’s filled in, with some generic place holder information for other data. I then send a message to the server with the ID and the object type (using jQuery’s AJAX function) and the server returns a JSON object with all the missing information (but… Read More »

$.getJson not working in IE

Questions: Ok, for some reason my getJson is not working. I am pulling some stock information and it works in all major browsers except IE. I have created a JSfiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/qZhSk/ If anyone can help me understand what I am doing wrong it will be SUPER helpful. thanks! EDIT I found the solution myself.… Read More »